10+ Best Shopify Themes in 2022: Design Online Store Easy and Present Products in the Best Way

We all know how Shopify is a powerful option for small stores that want to make it on the internet. So we have decided to collect and gather all the great and most useful themes for your Shopify store to save you your precious time in searching and finding the best one for you.

We are presenting you dozens of themes that will be nice and yet effective in your communication with customers.

1. Doni

Doni is decorated with minimalism and functionality! It is made for different kinds of clothing and accessories stores, furniture stores, etc. This theme is an integrated part of eCommerce which means it comes with a lot of features:

  • Great in terms of responsiveness
  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Equipped with Google fonts
  • Supports multi-currency option
  • Editable HTML code
  • Social share buttons
  • Different kinds of shopping grid
  • Mobile menu friendly
  • Coming soon plugins
  • Bootstrap tools
  • Free support and regular update

When we say minimalist design, we mean it. Doni is an eye-catching theme that will make every store interesting for the customers.

It comes with nine pre-built homepages that can be edited and a great number of cool widgets.

Price: $49

2. Mobilia

Mobilia is for those clothing and jewelry brands who want to stand out!

The theme offers:

  • Page menu lists – making customers’ life easier when they are choosing something for themselves
  • Custom promotion tiles – great for sales and discounts promotion and featured products
  • Related product – once your customer has clicked on a product, the theme automatically offers them similar products for them to look around
  • Quick buy – saving customers time by quick adding the products to the cart without leaving the current page
  • FAQ page – a little bit more detailed description of a product can be viewed here
  • Free HQ photos – you get free stock photos on your hand

Mobilia gives you unlimited free trials – you pay once you publish your store – and it also offers regular updates.

Price: $180

3. Flow

Flow theme is a synonym for a minimalistic and clean-designed web store! It is great for food and drink stores, as well as for clothing and accessories stores.

What is outstanding about this one is that you use the drag-and-drop system for creating blocks and content on your pages without the need for coding knowledge! You can add images, products, videos, and more by simply dragging them to your site.

The Flow theme supports a customizable homepage with the option of adding the videos on it with what your specific products can be in the main focus! It is great for high-traffic stores that sell their goods internationally. Also, it is good for discount sales because of the great features the discounts can be put in the focus with.

The most pleasing things about this one:

  • High speed – optimization here is remarkable
  • Social media support – communicate and share your content on social media
  • Responsiveness – great and fully functional on every device
  • Shopping experience – your customers will love shopping from you
  • Regular updates and support
  • Three presets – Queenstown, Byron, and Cannes

These are just a small list of things that are great with the Flow theme. We strongly recommend you to observe a little more detail as we are sure you will love this one.

Price: $350

4. Spark

Spark theme comes in three presets – Chic, Clean and Minimal. It is specially made for stores basing their sales on clothing and accessories, health and beauty products, business equipment and supplies, and similar goods.

Users love this one because it conveniently represents who they are and what they are selling. It is a visually pleasing theme that will gain the customer’s trust at the first view.

The things that stand out with this theme are:

  • Convenient and bold design
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Communication – product reviews through FAQ page, contact form, blogs, promo banners, popups
  • Product color picker – Customers can choose between the number of colors your product comes in
  • Order details – shipping costs, final basket price
  • Store locator
  • Product animations

We mentioned just a few things we liked the most about this one, but let you explore what this theme offers.

Price: $250

5. Dawn

One of the great themes that are packed with features is FREE. Dawn theme comes in two presets – Default and Craft. It is a great choice for the clothing and accessories stores, stores that sell health and beauty products, as well as the stores with the supplies and accessories for home and garden, etc.

This theme policy is based on less time preparing your products and more time focusing on your business. Thus being said, here are the best features Dawn can give you:

  • Product reviews
  • Promo banners
  • Product recommending
  • HQ stock images
  • Cart information
  • Product filtering

Price: FREE

6. Parallax

Modern design mixed with great functionality – that is what the Parallax theme gives you! If you want to stand out with your brand, this theme is the best fit for you.

It also comes in four pre-installed presets – Aspen, Madrid, Vienna, and Los Angeles. As the name says for itself, this theme is equipped with modern parallax scrolling that gives your store a unique look and attractiveness.


  • HQ stock images, slideshows, videos.
  • Promotions and promo banners
  • Layouts
  • Quick shopping
  • Fast navigation
  • Cart details
  • Parallax scrolling

Price: $220

7. Story

The gorgeous minimalistic and optimized design is packed with a bunch of features needed for a well-ran store – that is the Story theme! It outstands for its great filtering tools with which you can easily set your products in your store.

The Story also supports a drag-and-drop system for creating sections on your precious store page.

Features we found the most attractive:

  • Clean and minimalistic design
  • Three presets: Quest, Chronicle, and Heritage
  • Contact form
  • Drag-and-drop system
  • Filter tools
  • Mobile friendly
  • Promotions
  • Store locator
  • Stock counter
  • Slideshow

Price: $250

8. Blockshop

Blockshop is a theme where the main focus is presenting your products through images, videos, and slideshows. Stylish interface, fonts, various promotional features, and easy installation are what make Blockshop a terrific pick.

It comes with four pre-installed presets Beauty, Adorn, Summer, and Deli, which, of course, you can pick and customize by your needs. It is great for stores with health and beauty products, food and drink, or fashion and accessories products.


  • Quick install
  • Quick buy option
  • Alerts about products being back in stock
  • Promotional banners and popups
  • Product color and size picker
  • Four presets
  • Animations

Price: $250

9. Icon

If you need to present your products online visually, then the Icon theme is a choice for you! The theme offers a great sense of images and slideshows. The Icon can improve your store from the client’s viewpoint.

High-quality images with slideshows mixed with the popular parallax effect will make your store look outstanding! Clients can visually see a few versions of the product by hovering the mouse over it. They can choose the size and quantity and add the desired product to the cart directly without exiting the homepage!

The main features are:

  • Four presets: Dolce, Christian, Yves, and Vera
  • Parallax scrolling effect
  • HQ images
  • Multi-currency
  • Size and quantity picker popup
  • Slideshows

Price: $240

10. Split

Split is for sure one of the most visually attractive and yet effective themes on Shopify! A wonderful and intelligent right-hand vertical scroll slider will catch your customer’s attention.

Grid product view, short videos, and high-quality images are going to lead your clients through the whole store visually. And they will be amazed, that guaranteed.

It comes with three presets, Cuber, Looker, and Jagger. The Split theme is designed especially for clothing, jewelry, and accessories stores or similar products.


  • Quick setup
  • HQ images and videos
  • Slideshows
  • Grid product view
  • Product filtering
  • Image slider on mouse hover

Price: $250

11. Lorenza

If you want to have a stylish, elegant, and efficient store, then Lorenza is for you! Great theme for clothing brands, jewelry and accessories stores, beauty and makeup products.

It comes with three beautiful presets that can be fully customized – Chic, Natural, and Modern. The modern parallax effect is just giving the modern note to the elegancy that comes with Lorenza.

Large images around the page will visually present your products to the tiniest details. Product sliders divided into categories will make customers’ lives easier when picking the desired product.


  • Quick install
  • Three presets
  • HQ images
  • Slideshows
  • Parallax effect
  • Simple add-to-cart option
  • Color swatches

Price: $250

Final Words

Shopify is loaded with great themes for setting your store with ease and minimal effort. You can pick one from our recommended list, play with the options and publish your remarkable shop on the internet.


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