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3 Easy Ways To Avoid Office Politics

Most people prefer to avoid office politics at all costs. It is not unusual that a workplace does not have any office politics. The sad truth is, that there’s no solid way to stay out of complex workplace dynamics.

Of course, there are ways where you can remove yourself politely; from the typical gossip sessions and make sure you always act with dignity and integrity at work. Although, it is most likely that now and then the office politics will affect your work-related exchanges.

There will always be times and instances where you won’t be able to escape easily from office politics. However; find some ways to practically and politely deal with them. Make sure while you avert yourself from such situations, you don’t end up feeling alone or discouraged.

As much as you may detest it, but you cannot deny that office politics do exist. And; if you want to succeed and accomplish within your office environment; you need to at least familiarize yourself with the office politics and figure out ways; how you can avert those situations.

Here are 3 Office Politics tips to help you cope more easily

One of the hard facts of your work life is office politics. You need to analyze what can be done to make it positive rather than a drawback for you.

1. Sit Back and Observe

Observation is a key that can help you in a lot of aspects of your workplace. When you want to deal with office politics, firstly you need to understand them. It can be a huge learning curve for you when you sit back and observe; how your colleagues work amongst each other or how various aspects of the company work. This can be solely done by observing others around you.

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2. To avoid office politics maintain appropriate documentation

One of the negative impacts of office politics is; that they can make you feel that you always need to keep your guard up and be vigilant on how you act or speak in your office environment.

Usually, the best HR outsourcing companies understand how to create a safe environment where expression is welcomed. Otherwise, the office environment can become a rather toxic one.

It’s not necessary that all office politics are toxic. But, if you find yourself feeling worried or paranoid all the time; it’s most likely you’re working amongst toxic office politics. You can always be a step ahead and one of the best ways to do that is, to keep documentation.

If you are given important tasks or directions verbally, make sure that you list them down in an email to confirm.

This can be beneficial later on if there’s any blame on you; you can always revert back to the emails and prove that you have the instructions written and confirmed via email.

Another best thing to do is manage your time and track how much of your time was spent on each project or assignment you worked upon. This will help you avoid the risk of being blamed for not doing things that were never your responsibility.

If you feel that you’re working in an office environment; where you constantly need to check your back for any malicious intent; you should definitely consider switching your job or have a discussion about this with the HR of your company.

When you make sure that you keep a detailed track record of the work assigned to you and done by you; it can help you in the long run.

3. To avoid office politics you can develop a support system

Most often office politics impact every single person of your company and they all can feel isolated even while working within teams.

You may feel that it’s only you who is getting frustrated; with the power battle between two superiors or managers or that one particular colleague who is a tattletale. You need to understand that you aren’t alone in this struggle or feeling discouraged. Other members of your team or your organization may also be feeling what you’re feeling.

You need to carefully notice and make friends with a group of colleagues, who you know you can trust. These colleagues can turn out to be huge support systems; you can easily go out to lunch with them, or go for an after-work happy hour to feel relaxed and knowing that you don’t have to be conscious around them all the time.

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When you decide to socialize amongst your colleagues; at times it is also wise to build relationships with different supervisors or managers you work with. This will help you directly go up to them if you have any questions or problems you’re stuck with. Even in the long run, a good relationship with your managers can get you good letters of recognition; if and when you decide to switch jobs. 

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