6 Innovative Technologies for In-Office Workplace Security

How often do you assess your office’s tech needs? All too often companies fail to keep up with advancing technological developments, which leads to outdated offices and poor workplace security. Investing in innovative tools can enhance your reputation, improve employee well-being, and increase staff retention figures.

This guide highlights six of the most innovative technologies available for businesses that can improve workplace security. You’ll learn what they mean for your employees and the benefits each tool can bring.

Workplace Security: An Ever-Growing Concern

As we dive further into the digital era, people are experiencing a new type of threat. Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common and can cause vast amounts of physical, financial, and emotional damage to both employees and employers. In fact, 49% of people in the US reported experiencing a form of cybercrime in 2022.

This worrying figure highlights the importance of information security in the face of rising cybercrime. In-office employees need to feel safe, so companies must keep up with growing tech standards and utilize the latest tools to ensure optimal workplace security. As criminals become more creative, so too does technology.

Improve Your Workplace Security with Top Tech

Advancements in technology have hugely benefited the world of security. From high-tech video surveillance cameras to cloud-based encryption apps, there are now plenty of tools that enhance workplace security. As a business with a physical office space, you should leverage these technologies to keep you and your employees safe. Discover more about what tools you could be using below.

AI and Automation

Security is one of the many business processes that benefit from automation tools. Artificial intelligence has boomed in recent years, creating software that can replace human input and run operations automatically. When used in security systems, human error is reduced, processes accelerate, and workplaces become safer.

AI can detect potential threats faster without the need for constant human surveillance. Automated motion detectors can send real-time alerts for triggers such as abandoned objects, suspicious behavior, and unauthorized access. This allows you to respond faster and eliminate any threat before it develops.

Video Surveillance

One of the main security measures you can implement in your office is to install high-tech business video surveillance cameras. State-of-the-art CCTV cameras use cloud and AI security technology to give real-time feedback in high definition, instantly alerting you to potential threats and allowing you to resolve issues quickly and safely.

Video surveillance cameras can offer multi-directional viewing, high-quality image resolution, and high-tech analytics. You can sort faces from crowds and respond quickly to emergencies. Installing video cameras in your office building will reduce security breaches and a physical camera presence will reassure your employees of their safety.

Wearable Tech

While not always needed in the workplace, wearable technology can vastly improve your in-office workplace security. Innovative monitoring devices can now be worn by employees to record everything from body position and movement to heart rate and even environmental hazards.

In many cases, employee monitoring software like wearable tech will improve the feeling of safety among your staff. However, some people feel that wearing recording devices reduces individual privacy. As a result, wearable tech should be employed appropriately. For instance, it may be unwise to track everyone’s heart rate for every hour they’re in the office.


What do you think of when you hear the word “technology”? For many people, it’s robots that are the physical embodiment of technology. After all, they’re a staunch reminder that we’re well and truly living in the future. Robots and robotics have been developed for multiple purposes, most notably to remove humans from dangerous situations.

To enhance the security and safety of your office, you must ensure employees aren’t undertaking overly hazardous or strenuous work for prolonged periods. The answer? Get robots to do the dangerous work! This dramatically improves the safety of your staff members.

Cloud-Based Software

Utilizing cloud-based software can bring huge advantages to your in-office security. For instance, you can link your video surveillance feed with the cloud to store tremendous amounts of footage. This allows you to analyze and keep videos over extended time periods instead of deleting them to make room for new ones.

Data encryption systems also let you store information on the cloud. Instead of filing everything physically, which leaves you open to robberies and break-ins, you can store data digitally via a highly secure and encrypted cloud. Of course, you will have to ensure your cybersecurity is up to scratch if you use a cloud-based system.

Access Control

Introducing access control tools further improves security. Physical access control systems ー such as keycards for doorways and biometrics for web apps ー ensure that your employees are safe and your business operations are private. Other access controls, such as two-factor authentication, provide extra layers of security and can make all the difference in reducing cybercrimes.

Leverage Technology for a Thriving Workplace

In summary, it’s clear to see how modern technology can enhance the security and safety of your office workplace. By implementing numerous tech-driven strategies, you can vastly reduce the number of physical crimes and cyberattacks on your business premises.

State-of-the-art technology is an investment; the long-term benefits will undoubtedly outweigh the short-term cost. Video surveillance cameras reduce break-ins, cloud computing mitigates cybersecurity risks, and robotics and AI eliminate the need for staff to perform dangerous tasks.

Overall, utilizing innovative tech contributes to a safer and happier workplace environment. This improves the well-being of staff, enhances the reputation of your company, and increases employee retention.


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