Are Content Pillars Right for Your Marketing Strategy? How to Decide?

Are Content Pillars Right for Your Marketing Strategy? How to Decide?

Did you know that a recent study concluded that more than 40% of consumers claim that websites are not user-friendly? If consumers can’t easily navigate your site, sales can go down, and it might be more challenging to find loyal customers.

A great way to improve website organization is with content pillars, which can also improve marketing. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about content pillars so you can decide if they’ll be beneficial to you.

Increase Accessibility

With so many people struggling to navigate company sites, you should consider using content pillars. Content pillars create themes within your site.

This makes it easier for consumers to find the content they searched for and more information about those topics. Since most businesses already have a niche or special industry, it is simple to find the key topics.

As the word gets out about how accessible your website is, more people will discover you through recommendations and reviews.

Showcase Your Brand

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Learning how to make content pillars can help you showcase your brand and what is most important to the company. The themes and topics that you choose for content pillars will help set the mood for the viewer.

When people see these key topics, they will associate them with your company. Looking at this post will help you learn ways of marketing your brand through pillars.

These pillars reflect trending topics and conversations that people are already searching for. Try to come up with unique words and topics for your pillars so that you can stand out against competitors.

Made for Websites & Social Media

Whether you want to create content pillars for Instagram or your company site, they can improve marking tactics. When people view your profile and website, they are often more intrigued when the content is relevant and interesting.

Content pillars are great for organizing your company information and products or services. Make sure you use hashtags on all of your posts. This will help draw in viewers from around the globe.

Reduces the Stress of Planning

Business Ideas Process Strategy Concept

If you are sick of getting stressed about what type of content to post, you should consider content pillars. Content pillars act as a guide and can help during the planning process.

Try to find your niche and look for related topics. Writing down a list can help. Use these ideas to pull ideas from so that you never run out of content.

Content Pillars Can Help You Market Your Company

If you want to improve marketing tactics and look more professional, you should use content pillars. Content pillar examples can be found on company websites, blogs, and social media profiles.

These pillars act as key topics that lead viewers to the content they want to learn more about. Without these pillars, your audience may be unsure of what your purpose or niche is.

Don’t be afraid to create unique pillars that are custom to your company and brand. Check out our blog for more information on online marketing and increasing company sales!

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