Are We Going to See Surprises at Euro 2024?

Meta: The 2024 Euro football competition has almost arrived. Are we going to see any surprises throughout the tournament? Find out here.

The Euro 2024 football competition (officially called 2024 UEFA European Football Championship) is the world’s second-biggest international men’s professional footballing event after the FIFA World Cup.


It’s a quadrennial tournament, meaning it takes part every four years, and this year’s tourney is officially set to get underway on Friday, June 14, 2024. Here is a closer look at what we can expect from Euro 2024 and a few surprises we could see this year.

Who are the favourites to win Euro 2024?

The quickest, easiest, most reliable, and most accurate way to find out which European nation might come out on top this year would be to check the latest outright winner odds on today’s most reputable iGaming sites with sports betting services.

For example, the official 1Bet Euro 2024 betting markets that are now open already have England as the odds-on favourite team to win this year. Here are a few of the latest odds for the top four favourites.

Included here are the decimal, fractional, and American/moneyline odds and the implied probability rate for each possible outcome:

  • Betting market: Euro 2024 outright winner. Country: England. Implied probability rate (IPR): 25.00%. Odds: 3/1 (fractional), 4.00 (decimal), +300 (American/moneyline) – Odds-on favourite team to win Euro 2024
  • Betting market: Euro 2024 outright winner. Country: France. IPR: 25.00%. Odds: 4/1 (fractional), 5.00 (decimal), +400 (American/moneyline) – Second odds-on favourite team to win Euro 2024
  • Betting market: Euro 2024 outright winner. Country: Germany. IPR: 15.40%. Odds: 11/2 (fractional), 6.50 (decimal), +550 (American/moneyline) – Third odds-on favourite team to win Euro 2024
  • Betting market: Euro 2024 outright winner. Country: Portugal. IPR: 11.10%. Odds: 8/1 (fractional), 9.00 (decimal), +800 (American/moneyline) – Fourth odds-on favourite team to win Euro 2024

In other words, England currently has the best chance of winning Euro 2024 based on the latest available odds, which have been carefully calculated by reputable odds experts from the iGaming industry.

Which teams could surprise at Euro 2024?

Although these odds are accurate at the time of writing, anything can happen in football to upset the odds, and betting on the favourites doesn’t always mean you will win a return on your initial stake.

Even the outsiders/underdogs could surprise everyone. However, it’s quite unlikely (but not impossible) that Slovakia, Georgia or Albania will even make it past the group stages.

A more likely scenario that could still surprise everyone would be for Croatia, Belgium, or Italy to win Euro 2024. Croatia are currently priced at around 40/1 (fractional odds), which is 41.00 in decimal odds and +4,000 in American/moneyline odds, meaning they only have a 2.40% chance of winning.

In comparison, Belgium is currently running at around 16/1 (17.00 or +1,600) with a 5.90% IPR (implied probability rate), and Italy are currently priced at around 14/1 (15.00 or +1,400) to win Euro 2024 outright with a 6.70% IPR. Don’t forget that anything is possible in football.

What other surprises will there be?

Kylian Mbappe (France) and Harry Kane (England) are the two odds-on favourites to score more goals than any other players. However, some predict that Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku or England’s Jude Bellingham could end up being the tournament’s top goalscorer. We will just have to wait and see.

Final note

Before placing a wager on any upcoming Euro 2024 football matches, try to conduct as much research as possible into a game and carefully analyse the odds to help you place more strategic bets.

Start by setting a reasonable budget before you deposit on trusted sports betting sites like 1Bet, and to ensure you remain within your budget, try to avoid placing too many outsider bets on the underdogs with high odds and low implied probability rates.

The tournament is less than a week away, and there will more than likely be many other surprises that will catch us all off guard before the final on July 14.

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