The Best No Code App Builders for 2023

Learning to code is currently the favorite activity of many people. Everyone wants to try to build an app and make their idea come true. However, coding is not always required to do that. There are app builders that lead you through the app development process without any coding skills.

No code app builders are great for non-tech people that want to present their businesses, work, and personality. It enables artists, designers, and others non-coders to easily access the audience by creating unique personal applications. No code app builders contain simple building steps for creating applications, extending their functionalities, testing, and deploying them.


So, everyone can build an app. However, one challenge can be how to choose the best no-code app builder. This article presents the 5 best no-code app builders for 2023. Keep reading and find the best for you!

  1. Frontly

Frontly is considered as the fastest no-code app builder. It has a simple dashboard with very straightforward instructions to go through the entire process of building an application. It contains more than 20 modules and templates to customize and adjust to your brand. Also, it contains a white label for connecting it with your former website, and it enables you to incorporate your pages into the newly created Frontly application. It supports dynamic content with real-time data updates.

You can fully personalize and brand it with a custom logo, color, and domain. Also, it offers defining custom permission levels for your users, strong memberships with different options. It lets you send custom emails. It works without any code required, with its flex-based system. If wanted, you can customize prewritten HTML/CSS components. It lets you connect Google Sheet, and Airtable custom API, and create a unique SaaS or Marketplace app.

Frontly is great for marketers, SaaS, and even designers when they want to finish something flawlessly and fast. It integrates with many apps.

All of these features now you can get for free with lifetime access.

  1. Stacks

Stacks is another tool for building apps without any code. It works for iOS and Android. It has a simple editor with a drag-and-drop option for many elements. It allows you to create many blocks and sections that can be customized anytime.  It has many modules and templates, from which you can select one that suits best your business. it is fully responsive and can work flawlessly on any device. Furthermore, it offers detailed analytics for better understanding your clients.

Stacks perfectly integrates with WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores. It is recommended for small businesses and agencies.

It has two plans with lifetime access, and it offers a free trial period.

  1. Conektto API SDLC Platform

Conektto helps you create and test API faster and easier. It lets you publish API, connect your database by point-and-click and drag-and-drop options. It lets you automatically generate code, and visualize API design and test results. Also, it lets you simulate API at design time, generate its mocks, and more.

Conektto integrates with database clients, MySQL and PostgreSQL, APIs. It is a great option for developers, QA engineers, and product managers.

Currently, it costs $79 annually for one creator license.

  1. Ninox

Ninox is a tool that guarantees a full control over your business without any code. It is a great for automating business processes. Ninox has many tools and templates for creating varieties of apps for different processes. You can adjust templates for contacts, meetings, database tables, and more. It lets you create different forms, views, and graphs for better visualization of your business. Its drag-and-drop editor gives you full control over your actions and data. Every element is customizable. You can create different accounts and permissions for your users.

Ninox has three pricing plans with a free 30-day trial.

  1. AppSheet

AppSheet is another tool that lets you create apps without any coding skills. It offers many templates that can be customize for your business. AppSheet works for mobile and desktop apps and its results are fully responsive.

You can use different elements, forms, and data; customize all features and make your app unique. AppSheet lets you automate some tasks, and send emails and SMS. Also, it integrates with many tools for better workflow and security. It lets you create users and assign them different roles.

AppSheet has many pricing plans with different features, with a starter package of $5 per month.

Final thoughts

The Tech world and online presence are growing in their importance. Non-tech people can still be around in the tech world. They can hire coders to build them their websites and applications. However, if they want to try something by themselves or they don’t have enough budget for professionals, they can use no code app builders. This article shows some of the best tools available at the moment. We recommend trying them all, starting with the Frontly which has all the important features and a simple interface for everyone to use it.

Edina Osmancevic