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Big Crime in the Big Apple: How to Protect Your Storefront from Skyrocketing Crime Rates

New York City has long been known as the city that never sleeps, but unfortunately, it seems like it’s also becoming the city where crime never sleeps. In recent months, there has been a noticeable increase in crime in New York City stores. Many of these crimes are being committed by organized groups who are stealing goods in bulk, and it’s become such a problem that some retailers are now turning to private security services to protect their stores and their merchandise.

The increase in crime can be attributed to a number of factors, including the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many people out of work and struggling to make ends meet, theft and other crimes are becoming more common. Additionally, the city has seen a rise in homelessness and mental illness, which has led to an increase in disorderly conduct and theft.

One of the most significant contributors to the increase in crime is organized retail theft. These organized groups are often made up of multiple people who work together to steal large quantities of merchandise from stores. They are well-coordinated and use a variety of tactics, such as distracting store employees or using tools to cut through security devices. They then sell the stolen goods on the black market or online.

According to a report by the National Retail Federation, organized retail theft is a growing problem across the country, and New York City is no exception. The report noted that retailers experienced a 26.5% increase of organized retail crime in 2021, reaching losses of up to $94.5 billion. While consumers may believe that these thefts are a “victimless crime,” the truth is that they can devastate a small business and ultimately lead to its closure.

Private security firms are a great solution for businesses of all sizes

The increase in crime has left many retailers feeling vulnerable and unsure of how to protect their stores. While some have turned to traditional security measures such as cameras and alarms, these are often not enough to deter organized retail theft. In many cases, these criminals are well-versed in how to bypass these security measures.

That’s why an increasing number of retailers are turning to New York security services to protect their stores. These services offer a range of solutions, including uniformed security guards, plainclothes security officers, and cybersecurity measures to prevent online theft.

Uniformed security guards are often the most visible form of security and can act as a deterrent to would-be thieves. They can monitor the store, keep an eye on suspicious behavior, and intervene if necessary. Many security services also provide plainclothes security officers who can blend in with customers and detect criminal activity before it occurs.

The benefits of private security services extend beyond preventing theft: they can also help improve customer service and reduce incidents of violence or disorderly conduct in the store. Officers can assist customers with directions, answer questions, and provide a sense of safety and security.

You should never underestimate the power of peace of mind when it comes to shopping. Letting customers know that they’re protected by professional security services while on your premises can assure them that should they be harassed by other shoppers, they can receive timely assistance; this is especially true for women, who often feel vulnerable while out in public.

While hiring private security services comes at a cost, it’s important to weigh the benefits against the potential losses from theft and other crimes. For small businesses, the small fee associated with hiring a private security firm can vastly outweigh the potential damages of unchecked theft, as being seen as an “easy target” by thieves may lead to continued burgling by the same organized crime group.

Private security is only one part of the puzzle

It’s also important for retailers to work with law enforcement agencies to prevent and investigate crime. Private security services should not replace the need for law enforcement, but rather supplement it.

In addition to hiring private security services, retailers can take other steps to prevent crime in their stores. This includes training employees on how to identify and respond to suspicious behavior, implementing clear policies on theft and disorderly conduct, and investing in security technology such as cameras and alarms.

In conclusion, the increase in crime in New York City stores is a growing concern that requires action. Private security services are emerging as an effective solution to prevent theft and improve safety in stores. Retailers should also work with law enforcement agencies and take other proactive measures to prevent crime in their stores. By doing so, they can protect their businesses, their customers, and their employees from the negative effects of crime.


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