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How to grow your Instagram account

There must have been a time in your life, where you must have been sitting idle. But, a thought struck! Why don’t you make a public account on instagram and this idea definitely made sense? Since you see everyone else doing a great job and even making money! Now, since you’ve decided to create an account, decide your niche. For example, if you’re a bibliophile, your account can be about books. If you’re into fashion, makeup and lifestyle OR if you’re a frequent traveler, you can make your account about traveling.  

This seems like a pretty simple idea right? All you did initially was post a picture daily on instagram, all posts different yet relevant to your niche. You can easily grow your Instagram followers up to 3000+ organic followers within 6 months. Having a public account is not an easy job and requires a lot of effort and hard work. Make sure you enjoy posting and it does not begin to feel like a mandatory chore.

Here is a list of 5 tips that will help you grow your Instagram account. Regarding Reddit accounts, please kindly take a look here.

1.       Post Everyday

As per WP Dev Shed, if you want to grow your follower list, you’ll need to post every day. By doing this, people will regularly see your content and remember you. Instagram has an explore feed, you also need to give yourself and your posts a chance to appear in the “top” and “trending” lists. If you’re a food blogger, obviously you can’t post food reviews every day, that’s unhealthy for your health. What you can do is, take pictures and ask your friends to share theirs with you. Once you have ample of pictures, the same rule applies; POST EVERY DAY. You can also share stories, use hashtags and re-share stories of others on your stories.

2.       Use the Insights feature

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If you don’t have an idea about this, switch your account into a business account by going to account settings. This will activate the insights section and you can monitor how well your posts are performing and what time your followers are most active on instagram. For example, your best days to post could be the weekdays rather than the weekends. With this information, you can increase the chances of people seeing, liking and interacting with your posts. You can also pick a time slot to post such as 9pm – 2am etc.

3.       Follow others in your niche

This may sound very simple yet sometimes simple is the best. When you follow people in your niche, they’re more likely to follow you back too, as you both share the same niche. How to find such people? Go to the explore section or use popular hashtags relevant to your niche and you’ll find similar accounts. Just like you’re showing interest in their work, they would also like to keep track of your posts and engage even. Instagram also starts recommending you similar accounts once you’ve established yourself in your niche. Once your posts are in the explore feed, that will also let other people know about you. Do not think of similar accounts as a competition.

4.       Use Hashtags Wisely

You may see people posting with hashtags but never figured out why? They play an important role in exposing your content to people who aren’t your followers yet. You need to be careful with your hashtags, they should be relevant with your post and not spam. Instagram often deletes posts where people use bad or banned hashtags. A solution to this is very easy. There is a website called “Display purposes”. This allows you to enter keywords for your niche or post and automatically provides you with a list of hashtags that are relevant to that particular post and, the best part? They show hashtags which are safe and not banned! It is an amazing tool to get good and safe hashtags.

The number of hashtags on each post is maximum 30 and when your find the keywords that are the best mix of hashtags, it will automatically generate relevance and exposure.

5.       Use Stories to nudge and remind

You need to understand that you can earn via your posts and that’s mainly where you should focus your attention on. Feed posts should be of higher quality as compared to what you post on your stories. One of the main purposes of your stories is to keep your followers up to date and give daily exposure of your life. By sharing your feed posts on your stories; will also make your followers more engaging on your feed posts.

Use your stories very tactically to re-expose yourself to your followers. When you post stories, it appears as a circle at the home feed of your followers. This will help them re-engage with your account. 

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