How to Handle Membership Renewals and Lapsed Members

How to Handle Membership Renewals and Lapsed Members

The renewing of memberships is very important for the long-term continuation and expansion of any association. It guarantees a consistent flow of income required to maintain operations, programs, as well as benefits provided to members. The act of renewing membership denotes that the member is content and involved with their current relationship in this group; it illustrates how associations are successful at fulfilling requirements from these individuals within its community. A strong renewal process helps members to feel connected and dedicated, keeping them loyal towards the mission and objectives of the association.

Developing a Renewal Strategy


Maintaining high retention rates requires a well-structured renewal plan. Set a timeline with multiple touchpoints, like emails and calls, before membership ends. Clearly communicate the value and benefits of renewing, using a personal touch by addressing members by name and expressing gratitude. Highlight ongoing benefits, remind them of the end date, or offer incentives such as discounts or exclusive events to encourage renewal.

Communicating Value

To encourage membership renewals, associations should highlight both tangible and intangible benefits such as exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and discounted events. Sharing success stories and real testimonials, along with regular updates on the association’s achievements, reinforces the value of continued involvement.

Incentivizing Early Renewals

Offering early renewal rewards, like discounts, special mentions, or prize draws, can motivate members to renew before the deadline. These incentives help ensure timely renewals, predict income, and plan activities. Adding new benefits or improved services can make renewals more attractive and show ongoing value for members.

Handling Lapsed Members

Even with the best efforts, there might be some members who let their memberships expire. To deal with this problem, it is necessary to make a plan for bringing back these individuals and get them involved again. Initially, study why members did not renew by doing exit surveys or making follow-up calls. Knowing their concerns or reasons for leaving might give ideas on how to enhance strategies for keeping people. After getting this knowledge, make a campaign to bring back involvement that suits lapsed members. You could propose incentives like not charging rejoining fees or giving them special access to fresh services.

Re-Engagement Strategies

To bring back members who have left, it is necessary to communicate with them in a way that directly speaks to their reasons for leaving. This could include mentioning improvements made or new advantages offered by the organization. Messages tailored specifically for each person, whether sent via email, phone call or direct mail can help in making previous members feel appreciated and remembered. Highlight what has changed since they left and how the association has tackled shortcomings encountered previously. Giving a discount or special offer for a short period of time to encourage lapsed members to rejoin. Membership software can help with this, as it can group those who have stopped their membership and follow their attempts to become active again.

Continuous Improvement

Dealing with membership renewals and lapsed members is a constant task that needs to be refined regularly. Keep yourself updated about the best methods used in the industry, as well as new developments coming up in managing memberships. Frequently ask for input from current and past members so you can comprehend their requirements and hopes. Respond to this feedback as well as the performance data you gather by adjusting your tactics. By taking initiative and being receptive, associations can boost contentment of members, raise rates of keeping them in the group and encourage a flourishing community that is involved in association matters.


Maintaining membership renewals is crucial for an association’s success. It’s important to have a strategic renewal process, communicate membership value clearly, encourage early renewals, and re-engage non-renewed members. Using membership management software can enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Continuously evaluating and adapting these strategies will ensure long-term success and a strong member community.

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