How to Use a Brightly Colored Rug in Your Home

Interior design is a complex endeavor, but there is some science behind it. This all has to do with how each person perceives colors and patterns in a space.

People are always looking for new ways to change up rooms to give them a fresh look. One of the easiest ways is through accents, including rugs.

A brightly colored rug can bring a lot of character to a room, but it can also be difficult to pull off. It is easy to pair neutral colors with other neutral colors, but bright colors can be more of a challenge to integrate into a space.

The good news is that there are some basic tips you can follow to see what is possible in your home or office. Keep reading to find out how to use a bright rug in your living or workspace.

What Came First, the Rug or the Room?

The first thing to differentiate is whether you are trying to add the right rug to a room or the opposite: designing a space around the rug. While the remainder of the information in this article is applicable to either scenario, there are some unique considerations if you are designing the rest of the room around the rug.

First, a bottom-up approach is not a bad way to design a room. Consider the color of the flooring and how a rug will work with that. Then, move upwards to furniture and accents at eye level.

Most people at least have a color picked out for walls in the room. This is a good starting point. You can then move on to furniture and accents.

If you trying to find the right rug for a particular space, your task is much easier. There are many high-quality options that, in addition to adding color to your room, will bring a sense of opulence as well. For instance, consider the luxury rugs from Znet Flooring.

Cohesion Is the Name of the Game

Part of the challenge in adapting a bright rug to other aspects of a room (or vice versa) is cohesion. You need a brightly colored rug to bring attention to itself but also compliment the rest of the room. There is an easy way to strike this balance.

First, consider all the accent colors in the room. This includes furniture, wallpaper, wall art, and other furnishings.

When selecting a rug, ensure that at least one color corresponds to something else in the room. This acts as a “color bridge” to help everything flow well.

Note that it does not have to be an exact color match but enough to make the room appear in sync. In fact, even slightly distinct yet similar colors can give the room more depth.

There are exceptions though. The right rug alone can make a bold statement in a room that is otherwise uniform in color.

Balance a Brightly Colored Rug With Neutral Colors

Finding balance also is important. For starters, you do not want every aspect of the room to “pop.” That would be too bold or busy and tend to overwhelm the senses.

For this reason, you might want to use a brightly colored rug in a space that has otherwise neutral colors or consider adding neutral accents to an otherwise brightly colored room.

Also, think about the lines of sight from other rooms. While it is not necessary to coordinate your entire home, keep in mind the overall style so that there is some flow throughout.

Think About Patterns

Patterns alone can add a lot of character to a space. Besides the rug color, consider the way the design will impact the room.

At the same time, do not shy away from different or unique patterns. This can bring a layered look to the room, as well as make it unique.

Don’t Forget About Light

Consider how natural light impacts your room, including how it hits the rug. Lighter-colored rugs–especially whites and greens–can be used to reflect light. This can be a welcomed addition to rooms with very dark floors, such as mahogany hardwoods.

Consider Nontraditional Spaces for Your Rug

If you are looking for that special spot for a unique (yet hard-to-coordinate) brightly colored rug, look at spaces beyond bedrooms and living rooms. Hallways, which often suffer from drabness and lack of character, can benefit from a pop of color.

Outdoor rugs can bring a sense of modernity to an otherwise rustic porch or deck. If it is a small rug, bathrooms, and powder rooms may make a good home for it. Don’t rule out putting a rug down in mud rooms or garages.

These areas have the added benefit of being somewhat “separate” from the rest of your home. This means you can get away with a little more, versus a den or formal dining room. It also allows you to maintain a uniform, traditional aesthetic throughout the rest of your home while being more playful in others.

Try Out Different Ideas

One thing to keep in mind is that, unless you are a professional designer, it may be difficult to envision exactly how a room will come together until you see it.

For this reason, do not be afraid to experiment with different arrangements. Remember, you can always add in accents and take some away to get the right balance you are looking for.

Play with different tones and patterns to see how they work in your space. Also, remember that the room is completely unique to your tastes and decorating style, so there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to design.

Get More Home Furnishing Ideas

Now that you understand how a brightly colored rug can lighten up any space, you can decide if it is the right choice for your home or office. With a little trial and error, you can liven up any room with new color and character.

We hope you found this information on home colors and decor useful. If so, be sure to take a look at some of our other home improvement posts, as well as those on business, startups, COVID-19, and many other topics.


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