Learn, Share, Connect: Why Attending Conferences Benefits Business Development

In our digital age, surely we can find all the information we need online.

With a wealth of business knowledge at our fingertips, and digital communication at the forefront of everything we do, why would we even still need to go to in-person conferences?

The truth? Conferences are more than just an opportunity for social butterflies to spread their wings. No, attending a conference can bring your business much more than that – even now, when we can do practically everything via the Internet.

Stay with us as we highlight the reasons why attending conferences benefits business development.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Learning About New Industry Trends

The business landscape is constantly evolving. With so many transformations occurring so rapidly, it pays to stay ahead of the curve.

Conferences are an excellent way to learn about new industry trends, and what’s emerging in the business space. Learning and development conferences in particular are some of the best places to explore new business insights.

Some examples of concepts that can be discovered at these types of events include:

  • New technological innovations and advances.
  • Updates in computing and information technology.
  • Disruptive marketing techniques and strategies.
  • Advancements in digital marketing, including the realm of Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Emerging trends in leadership, human resources, and business communications.
  • Innovations in business operations and procedures.
  • The transforming world of social media and how to harness the power of online platforms.

In addition to this, attendees of these types of events can learn about new businesses they may not have engaged with previously.

Get Your Name Out There: Sharing Your Business Successes

As well as learning about other businesses and their innovations, attending a conference as a business owner is an opportunity to showcase your business’s success. Here, you can broadcast what your business has accomplished to date, and highlight your business’s achievements to other conference attendees.

Conferences are a key marketing strategy, after all. They’re instrumental in bringing together industry leaders, experts and professionals to share their ideas and promote their businesses.

Some ways you can promote your business at a conference include:

  • Give a speech about your business, your accomplishments, and how you’re making a difference. This is your opportunity to shine and get your brand out there.
  • Provide conference attendees with complimentary branded merchandise. You can procure locally manufactured and branded flyers, pamphlets, and personalised wristbands in Australia to hand out to attendees.
  • Offer conference attendees incentives to engage with your business. For example, you could extend promotional offers or discounts that are exclusive to purchases made on the day.
  • Encourage social media engagement. What’s better than free marketing? Create a social hashtag for conference attendees to post about your business. This will also provide a centralised location for you to find relevant posts later.

Expand Your Network: Connecting with Other Professionals

Finally, use conferences as a building block to expand your professional network. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with other like-minded professionals, and you’ll want to make the most of it.

You can maximise your networking opportunities at a conference by:

  • Practising your elevator pitch. What are you, and your business about? Curate an appealing summation of your business venture, its value, and your objectives – an executive summary that you can easily slip into conversation, and that sounds natural.
  • Make small talk. And by that we mean, keep your conversation social. Yes, you’re there to do business, but people appreciate a personal touch. Go to the effort of researching your counterparts beforehand, and asking them relevant questions about themselves.
  • Keep it going. Maintaining connections after meeting them is the key to good networking. How to reach out? It’s as simple as sending your new contact a LinkedIn request, or friendly email.

Sure, when reaching new business contacts is as easy as a video call away, it almost goes against the grain to have to attend a conference in person. But you’ll find – flexing your social muscle at a conference is more than just an opportunity for human connection.

As we’ve discussed today, being a conference attendee allows you to gain valuable insights about up-and-coming business innovations, share your business’s success, and perhaps most importantly, make meaningful connections to build your professional network.


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