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Online Learning – A Necessity Not A Choice

The pandemic of 2020 has changed the world for everyone. All industries have been shaken to their core be it travel or food. People are restricted in their houses and are continuously looking for something new. The pandemic has limited our experiences and made our closely connected world extremely disassociated. From a world full of opportunities, we have  a world full of crippling economies. However, as humans we are bound to hustle and continue to grow. 

Out of the disastrous outputs of Covid 19, the new, quick paced education industry has changed the complete dynamics of learning. The ultimate race of productivity has become about who comes out more educated and skilled from this pandemic. In the race to be the most productive ones out there; students, home makers, corporate employees and even children have started to learn as much as possible. 

The EdTech Industry & Online Learning

Yes, the pandemic has taken a toll on employment all over the globe. Yet the education industry has emerged with great opportunities for both students and teachers. While teachers have been laid off from their permanent jobs, dozens of online platforms have opened. The EdTech sector is expecting to create three thousand new jobs. These online arenas are not just beneficial for the teachers as employees, but for students as well. Students are open to a variety of opportunities and courses beyond their particular curriculum. 

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The EdTech industry amounts to $18.66 billion globally, counting investors such as Facebook, Matrix Partners, and GGV Capital. To be a part of such a growing industry is significant for a developing country like Pakistan. Hence, these online platforms are no less than a  breakthrough for our nation. The post Covid world will be a tougher race than ever before, the initiative of online learning can help the youth to not fall behind due to the pandemic. 

Reasons why online learning is a game-changer

Enterprises like Tutors Bee in Pakistan are providing students with teachers from all over the world even from the USA. You get access to a bundle of courses and customized learning just by logging in. This new method of education is quite different and even difficult to adopt but is definitely a game changer for the industry. 

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Outside the box

With online teaching and learning we get to have experiences beyond the four walls of a classroom. Interacting with international teachers and learning their way can give the exposure which the youth have lacked previously.

Save, save and save

Online platforms do demand a nominal fee but is still way less than the thousands of bucks being spent on school and college tuition. Nominal fee in exchange for getting to study lying on beds is just the perfect scenario for any student. Moreover, short courses and certifications which are not part of the syllabus and do not cost an arm and leg can be  a great addition to anyone’s skill set. 

No hassle but more hustle

Travelling to and from campuses or tuition centers used to at least take two hours per day. Those two hours don’t just cost money but wastes time too. With online classes this hassle is close to zero hours a day which spares a lot of time to learn and create more. All of a sudden there is plenty of time to make the deadlines and be a better student. 

Learning at your own pace

Platforms such as Tutors Bee are offering customized learning as well. The pressure starts to lessen when the teacher is willingly accommodating the needs and weaknesses of the student. It also gives learners the space to work on the subjects which they find the most difficult. Another benefit of online teaching is individual attention. It helps students get their issues across.

It is about time to make some changes and use this lock down for your benefit. These platforms are just being given the recognition they deserve despite being established years ago. Online learning should never have been discounted even before the pandemic. There are no limits to knowledge, not even geographical. In the horrific year of 2020, let’s all connect again over education again. Sign up now to become a part of the community!

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