Research and development services: definition, types, importance, where to get

Have you ever heard about research and development services and wondered what exactly they are? What about software R&D center services?

Don’t worry; we got you! A software R&D center will develop, test, and disseminate new approaches that improve software outcomes. Different R&D centers will have different focus areas, specialties, and areas of interest.

In this article, we’ll go over the definition, types, importance, and location of research and development centers in greater detail.

What are research and development services?

A Software Research & Development Center is typically an office that meets the needs of a company. It consists of professionals or developers who will work with a team of professionals or developers to solve challenges and ensure goals are met. You will typically seek the services of an R&D center if you do not have an in-house department. These offices are often located in other countries, which can reduce the cost of hiring a team.

In the case of an international R&D Center, you will access the skilled labor of a specific country at a lower rate due to foreign exchange currency differences. While very few companies have used international R&D companies in the past, the model has virtually become the norm in the tech industry in recent years.

Types of R&D services

The software can be developed for any number of purposes – almost all scientific and industrial fields depend on specialized software and research.

Software R&D centers can assist with designing, building, and testing early samples or prototypes. In the bioinformatics sector, teams work together to analyze Big Data or develop appropriate AI algorithms for data analysis. New software is often created in areas like 3D print modeling for aircrafts, medical equipment, or manufacturing. In the healthcare sector, companies may hire R&D departments to analyze data in clinical trials.

While these are just a few examples of the applications of software development, there are many services that will meet your specific needs.

Why are R&D Centers so important?

There is no innovation without R&D – but there are plenty of other benefits, including:

Cost-Efficiency: companies can recruit exceptional talent at a lower price when they use an international R&D center. There’s no need to go through the expense and effort of hiring internal staff. Recruiting talent for an internal team is a big problem for most businesses. With a global R&D center, you can access a wide and diversified talent pool at lower rates.
Business Expansion: Some companies want to expand to new territories but lack the skills and knowledge about the target market. By opening or using an R&D center in your local market, you will gain the benefit of their experience and cultural knowledge.
Company awareness: Having a presence in a different market will build your brand presence among locals.
Improved productivity: You can also use an R&D center to supplement your internal talent. That means you can double-up on your outputs without investing in more headcount.

Where can you find the best R&D Centers?

It’s a good idea to work with an R&D center in a country that places a lot of value on STEM disciplines, with favorable tax and foreign exchange rates. Many companies have turned to Eastern Europe, where English proficiency is high, and rates are low. The skills of Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Polish developers are highly recommended – and they can be higher at a much lower rate than their peers in Western Europe.

For example, Giraffe Software as an outsourced software development company offers excellent services in Eastern Europe, providing a high level of expertise and cost-efficiency.

Asia has fallen slightly out of favor, especially following China’s severe COVID restrictions, which have impeded travel to the region. India remains popular, although the time zone is not as favorable for US companies.

When choosing your R&D center location, make sure that you do your research. Look for a company with a well-established track record, many international clients, and high English proficiency.


Now we’ve covered R&D centers in greater detail, and we think you’ll agree that research and development services can add significant value to your organization. Make sure that you perform the necessary due diligence to find the R&D center that matches your goals and budget.






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