RMT as a Type of Business on the Example of World of Warcraft

RMT as a Type of Business on the Example of World of Warcraft

Games occupy a huge space in people’s lives. Some choose single-player games and enjoy the story, while others go to online MMOs to be successful.

Where there are many players, there is always a stable economy and the opportunity to exchange with other gamers, and there is always an opportunity to earn. We’ll talk about this.

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Buying and selling gold has always been and will be the most popular operation in RMT. Exchanging real money for virtual money is the easiest way for a player to get the desired weapon, armor, or pumping.

For example, you want tobuy wow classic gold or sell. What you need to know:

  1. Gold can be mined independently in game zones, or you can buy cheaper offers. It is important, in this case, you need to buy all the lots, and this will require financial investments. The gaming market is constantly changing, and the currency can both fall and rise in price.
  2. Gold must be mined legally, and it is advisable not to use third-party programs. This is not about macros that are configured on the game mouse but about full-fledged programs that imitate the player’s actions. Over the past, the administration has been actively banning and may withdraw the earned currency, which will certainly affect your reputation.

Weapons and Armor

Trading game items is also a very profitable business, but there are some nuances. Top weapons are very expensive and hard to get so it becomes a permanent income. So it is better to trade goods that will not cost the player a lot of money but can help in pumping.

The player will be more willing to part with a couple of dollars than with a hundred, and you can earn on the volume of sales.

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Gaming Services

To provide services to other players, you need to know the game well or have your own team that will fulfill orders with high quality.

What services can be:

  1. Pumping to the maximum level – you need to understand the mechanics of the game and be able to quickly complete the order.
  2. Passage of raids – you need a well-coordinated team that will take the client under the wing and guides his character through the raid. If each character knows what to do, the client will receive his service, and you will receive a cash reward.
  3. Mentoring – if you are good at the game, you can earn money by teaching other players. Tell about the main mechanics of his class, suggest tactics and strategy, and teach how to conduct PVP correctly.

You can also take on smaller assignments, such as completing a specific achievement to get a unique mount.

How to Accept Payment

When you have decided what types of services you will provide, you need to decide how to withdraw profits.

You can go three ways:

  1. Take payment in-game gold, which is then exchanged for real money in trusted stores.
  2. Take payment immediately in dollars, but you need a good reputation; not every player will be ready to transfer money to you.
  3. Create your website with services and pay for them. Connect acquiring and contact customers after making a payment. It will take you some time to promote the site and development costs, but in the end, you will get a ready-made business that will grow over time, depending on professionalism.

What not to do at the start of RMT

  1. Do not advertise your services in the general chat – remember that RMT is a prohibited activity, and you can lose your account in case of player complaints. Write in private messages or cooperate with stores before you have your own customers.
  2. Always do your part after paying – not all players will agree to such conditions, but it’s better to lose a client right away than not get paid for the time and effort spent.


Business with RMT in online games is quite a profitable activity if the game is popular and you are a professional in it or ready to become one. Ideally, get your own team so that you can provide the widest possible range of services.

Your task at the beginning is to make money on everything wherever possible and avoid even the smallest chance of a ban. Over time, you will understand where there is more profit and what to focus on.

Gradually, you will have your own base of regular customers since there are quite a lot of people who want to spend their money in WoW, and they are looking for good performers and sellers.

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