The 6 Best SSL Checkers for 2023: Protects Any Sensitive Information by Using These Tools

The 6 Best SSL Checkers for 2023: Protects Any Sensitive Information by Using These Tools

SSL is one of the main factors when it comes to ranking websites. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is the standard technology that keeps an internet connection secure and safeguards any sensitive data.

Even if your website does not handle payments, you must ensure it is secure by adding an SSL certificate. Adding one will make you look more credible, and your website will do better on search engines. The padlock icon in the URL bar makes website visitors more comfortable and helps earn their trust and respect.

If you want to check if a website has SSL or identify any errors, here is a list of the best SSL checkers to try out in 2023.

1. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL

When it comes to SSL, this is a must-have plugin that offers all the tools and options you need. And these tools work seamlessly with any plugin or theme. With WP Force SSL, there is no need to install multiple SSL configuration plugins. It does the hard work for you and delivers instant results.

It comes with a content scanner that scans pages on your site for mixed content in minutes. It also provides detailed reports so you can avoid any further errors. It comes with a powerful real-time SSL monitor. This monitor helps you properly configure your SSL certificate and tracks over 50 errors every time it checks your site.

It has a centralized dashboard where you can control and monitor all your licenses, sites, and purchases from one place. WP Force SSL is one of the best SSL checkers out there. It’s user-friendly and offers premium support.

2. TrackSSL


TrackSSL helps you keep track of SSL/TLS certificates on all your websites. It helps you track certificates for any changes, errors, and expiration dates. And if your expiration date is coming close, TrackSSL sends you a message or email to alert you so you can take action on time. It also informs you of any changes to your current certificate.

It comes with a Certificate Transparency Alerts feature that helps protect your business from fake certificates. If you are unsure about this tool, the TrackSSL client list includes many big names such as IBM, BigCommerce, and more.

3. DigiCert


DigiCert helps you automate certificate management. It can issue SSL, renew it, and so much more. It comes with a powerful scanner that scans your SSL/TLS certificates for any vulnerabilities. The tool can list analytics about your network health by generating reports. These reports can help you avoid any security issues.

When detecting a problem, DigiCert will share suggestions on how to fix the situation. It tracks expiration dates and can renew your certificates automatically. By adding role-based users, it lets you assign specific tasks. Whether you work alone or in a big team, this tool is a great choice.

4. Site24x7


Site24x7 is one of the most flexible cloud monitoring tools out there. It is trusted by famous businesses such as Ford and Getty Images. You can use it to monitor both web and mobile apps.

On top of many monitoring features, it comes with a 1st class SSL checker. Site24x7 checks if your SSL certificate or domain is valid, and you can use it to keep track of all your websites to ensure they are running smoothly. It notifies you if the website goes down or if any errors occur.

5. Sematext


Sematext is trusted by big companies like Instagram, Microsoft, and Etsy. The Sematext Synthetics product offers a powerful SSL checker that checks your website for certificate validity, changes, and expiration dates. It will detect any issue with your SSL/TLS certificate and alert you.

It can also generate a certificate report that lists all your certificates. Sematext is there to monitor the overall performance of your website. It helps you identify problems early, so you can fix them on time and ensure your site remains available, fast, and reliable.

6. SSL Labs

SSL Labs

SSL Labs offers cloud security and compliance services. You can also check out the documentation that teaches you all about SSL/TSL monitoring. It has many 1st class tools that can help you with all SSL tasks. You can use SSL labs to test your website configuration and certificate.

You can also test your browser SSL implementation and evaluate the performance of other websites. If you want to perform an SSL server test, simply type in your domain address. You will get a report that shows you weak areas and offers insight into your website and its rating.

Final Words

Having an SSL certificate stops you from placing your business, website, and visitors at risk. It is crucial for your business, helps you become credible, and gets you a higher rank on search engines.

With all the SSL tools available online, you don’t need to become a tech expert. This list of must-have tools will help you find an SSL checker fit for your needs. Any tool you pick will do heaps of work for you and help you and your website stay up to date.

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