The Fake Guru Industry

This blog was started to educate you guys regarding the world of entrepreneurship, and startups. To bring you information and news that you might not know, and help you guys regarding business, money and everything related. This is why today’s topic is particularly important because it equates to you not losing your money. We are going to be talking about The Fake Guru Industry. How it has ripped millions of people off their money, and why and how you should definitely keep your distance. I hope by the end of this article, another Tai Lopez, Dan Lok, or any other fake guru advertisement will not attract you. It’s time to put an end to this industry that has grown to a billion-dollar one.

Also, before we get into this, do check out Coffezilla’s YouTube Channel. This article was inspired by his videos. He has been educating the public on this very topic for a really long time and has also exposed several gurus on his channel. Check out one of his videos below.

Who are Fake Gurus?

I am pretty sure almost every one of us has had our social media platforms interrupted by these fake guru advertisements. The luxurious cars, big houses, girls, and the claim to change your life, all of it is there. The sad part is that even though people like me identify these videos as a scam, a lot of us don’t. And what happens is that people end losing a lot of money. The videos promise to change your life, make you rich, teach you skills, and whatnot. People end up falling for it. They go in with the belief of making more money. However, they end up losing the money they had with no outcome.

Watch the following interview with a student who lost $26,000 after falling for Dan Lok’s course.

These fakes mentors and fake entrepreneurs have taken over the industry. They exploit upcoming entrepreneurs or the general public and manipulate them to take their money. What Tai Lopez and a few other people started led to the formation of a billion-dollar scam coaching industry. Now, you see hundreds of guys popping over the internet offering you a life-changing get rich quick scheme, trading courses, or what other nonsense. All of these are scams. Think about it. If someone claims to be a millionaire, why do they even need to sell a course in the first place? And that too, through heavy marketing and cringe advertisements. Do they not have enough money already?

Fake Guru Advertisements

Let’s dissect an advertisement that these people are famous for. For this watch the video below by Wesley Virgin, a famous fake guru.

Now you might be thinking, that if Wesley isn’t really accomplished, so how is he able to afford all this. The expensive cars, the advertisements, the scenery, and everything. Well, this is achieved through something that I like to call perception manipulation. What these people do, is rent fancy cars, expensive places, and models for their video. Then, they run these videos over every other platform available to reach people like you and me. The audience is lured in through these flashy videos, and captions like the one in the video above which is;

“You might leave your job and get rich after watching this”

This line is the perfect example of a clickbait. What these gurus want you to do, is watch their videos, follow them, and then ultimately fall into a sales funnel that leads to you buying their course. Also, you might be wondering how do they get all these shootouts from influencers and people. Well, there’s this website called Cameo, where you can get personalized messages from your favorite celebrities! Does that sound absurd? Well, head over to the website and see for yourself. That is exactly what their headline reads. So bottom line, seeing is not believing, especially in the case of these fake gurus.

Your Action

If you fall into the fake guru trap, what you will end up with, is a lot of money lost, no skills acquired, and a lot of regrets. In this era, if you really want to learn a skill you can do that for free. You don’t need to sign up for these expensive courses by these fake gurus. YouTube has thousands of videos on basically everything. You have free courses available on Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare. At least these platforms have actual qualified teachers and accreditations. Just think about it, you could also rent a fancy place, car, and models and shoot a video similar to the one above. You can then run ads over the internet, have people sign up for your course, and fool them. But that would be unethical right? It will make you rich, but it will leave you with a bad conscience.

I hope after reading this you won’t fall for a Tai Lopez scam, or any other fake guru for that matter. Keep yourself safe, and those around you from this scary industry. If you are a victim yourself, or if you want to add on something, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • The people known as fake gurus are online marketers trying to sell you the dream. They sell the dream of becoming rich, leaving your job, or having a million dollar business. I haven't met one person that I can recall who has made things happen by overspending on the hype.