The Success of Online Dating Apps Startups in 2024

In the dynamic world of startups, dating apps have become a prominent trend, fundamentally changing how people meet, interact, and seek relationships. However, there is a constant process of user migration between dating apps. Although Tinder is still one of the most popular services, users often choose more innovative dating startups. It is a viable way to find friends and life partners, and we will help you with this.

Best Online Dating Apps Startups

1 Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel, a pioneering women-founded and women-led organization, is dedicated to making love more accessible to everyone. The mission of the application is to simplify the process of finding meaningful connections. You, too, can be part of this impactful journey! As the developers say, our ambition is to develop the next-generation dating platform—one that can seamlessly scale and deliver a localized experience, whether you’re in Seattle, Singapore, or Saskatoon.

2 Tawkify

Tawkify revolutionizes matchmaking by blending cutting-edge technology with a personal touch. Dedicated matchmakers take the time to understand our clients, facilitate handpicked dates, and offer coaching throughout the process. In the app, the creators seek individuals who are passionate about fostering relationships and promoting personal growth.

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3 Paktor

Looking for meaningful connections or fun friendships from the East? Numerous online dating platforms cater to your needs, and one standout is Paktor, an app developed by a Singaporean dating company.

Although Paktor is a relatively new player compared to its long-established competitors, its innovative team has crafted a stylish and contemporary platform that competes head-to-head with the big names.

4 Inner Circle

You deserve a ‘high-quality’ dating app, and that’s exactly what we offer. App members take dating seriously, and the fact that it’s a paid-for app shows that you’re joining a community of people who are just as committed as you are. You can rest assured that every member is screened to ensure they are real people with rich profiles. Advanced filters are designed to give you better matches, and app developers create unique experiences so your time is well spent, ensuring your dating journey is nothing short of exceptional.

5 Betterhalf

Betterhalf is India’s first and only matrimony app designed specifically for individuals, without the involvement of parents. This is a pioneering marriage super app in India, offering comprehensive matrimony and wedding products tailored to the needs of urban Indians.

In contrast to traditional matrimony platforms, Betterhalf places the decision-making power directly in the hands of its users. A decade ago, parents were primarily responsible for arranging marriages. Today, urban professionals are taking charge of their own marriage and wedding decisions, and Betterhalf is here to support them.

Betterhalf is meticulously designed with a target audience in mind: high-income, higher-age urban working professionals in India. Application users are typically located in 30 tier-1 cities across the country, making Betterhalf a perfect fit for their lifestyle and preferences.

6 Lolly

Introducing Lolly, the innovative app that seamlessly combines Social Media with Dating. Imagine the excitement of TikTok merging with the connectivity of Tinder. The startup is backed by early investors in tech giants such as Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, and Uber. Their advisory board boasts industry leaders like the former CEO of Apple, the former CMO of Sequoia Capital, and the former President of IAC/Match Group. Their mission is to create a fairer dating landscape by highlighting individual personalities, ensuring that genuine connections prevail over superficial metrics.

7 SeeMe

With SeeMe, those fleeting connections we make every day can spark something more – users get to shape their own dating destiny, sans the tedious guessing games and awkward encounters. Imagine an online dating experience that’s free from the frustrations and disappointment. SeeMe makes it a reality, pioneering a new approach that puts people first. Imagine a world where in-person connections are seamless and effortless – that’s the future SeeMe is building. Bluetooth technology lets Nearby Matching spark real-time connections with singles you see in everyday life, no matchmaking app required.


Although the startups listed have fewer users than, say, Tinder, they often have unique features. Plus, it’s not the number of users that matters, but their quality. Perhaps your soulmate is waiting for you in one of these startups.



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