Types Of Hashtags On Instagram To Grow Your Business

As a business owner if you want to grow your business on Instagram; then you must understand that hashtags on Instagram can play an integral part in helping your business grow. Many business owners do not know; that there are various types of hashtags that can be used in relevance to their business idea or strategy; to help the business grow better and rapidly. Every hashtag type has its own benefit and ways of application.

Branded & product hashtags

As a business owner, if you have been keen to build and manage your brand’s presence on Instagram; there are high chances that there is a version of a hashtag that already exists. Which is relevant to your brand. Increditools says usually, branded hashtags are often your brand’s name or a brand slogan that is related to the brand community. You may find that there are many similar brands as yours hence, a hashtag must already exist. As for a brand’s slogan; it is something that you need to create on your own. It has to be unique so your brand can be differentiated from other brands.

Product hashtags are usually combined with your brand name and the product name. This will help you keep easy track of your posts; not just through your overall brand but through specific products as well. When it comes to creating a hashtag for the brand; it is quite simple and you can use it in your other social media platforms as well.

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Campaign hashtags on Instagram

If your brand’s marketing strategy includes running specific campaigns or regular campaigns; it is advisable that you create a specific hashtag for those campaigns. These hashtags should be at the end of your posts after all relevant hashtags. These sort of hashtags on Instagram can also help your business grow. This will make your campaigns more prominent as the campaign will be centered around the hashtag itself. This will help your viewership and engagement rates increase.

It is not necessary that your campaign hashtags are related to specific products or sales. For instance, you’re running a campaign for black Friday; a hashtag related to it can help in boosting your brand’s existence and visibility to the audiences.

Community & industry hashtags on Instagram

As a business owner; you need to know that every business industry or community has at least one to two hashtags that are used within them.

If you want to find one for your brand or business; you can head to some of the popular community influencer posts and check out what type of hashtags are being used. Once you get an idea, you’ll also notice that these hashtags are often simple. Hashtags that are easy to think and search for are mostly used. These hashtags on Instagram can help your business grow.

Themed hashtags

As a business owner, you must be aware of national holidays or special days. Such days are also best to run certain campaigns but also you can have specified hashtags on Instagram for such days to you’re your business grow. You can even put special offers and these hashtags can make your posts more visible to the audiences and the audiences can also appreciate such brand posts with these themed hashtags. You don’t have to necessarily participate in all such days but you could on days that match with the theme of your brand and products.

Trending hashtags

When trying to grow your business on Instagram, you may find that keeping a track of the trending hashtags is a bit difficult. Such types of hashtags on Instagram will require to keep a check on the latest trending hashtags which you can search on the search toolbar but you also need to know which of the trending hashtags is more relevant to your post and how to apply them on your brand for more visibility. Trending hashtags are basically the ones that people search the most. If you find a hashtag relatable to your brand then use it. also, keep in mind, that trending hashtags keep changing a lot so you also need to keep tabs on which are the latest and which ones have the most viewership.

Banned hashtags

One important thing you need to keep in consideration while using hashtags on Instagram to grow your business is that using hashtags that have no meaning, will not give you results. And also there’s always a list being upgraded on Instagram of hashtags that you cannot use. If you accidentally use a banned hashtag, this might flag your account. If you want to search what hashtags are banned, you can easily start searching for a hashtag that comes to your mind but does not show in the Instagram hashtag list, then it is best that you avoid using such hashtags. 

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