why entrepreneurship should be taught in school

Why Entrepreneurship should be taught in School


The world would look a lot different if people grew up understanding the potential of entrepreneurship. Somehow we have to maneuver through and find that out on our own. I wish my school had taught entrepreneurship. If that happened maybe I would have laid down my plans a lot earlier than I did now. I wouldn’t have had to learn it the hard way. Which I did by experimenting with various subjects and career paths. I definitely would have started college with a clearer mindset and a well-structured plan.

With entrepreneurship, you do not have to worry about discrimination of any sort. You can be of any color, race, background or from any income class. It won’t matter. You are the one in charge, and you can steer the boat in any direction that you want. This could be especially meaningful in something like an ability to benefit program, which combines adult education with career training at the same time.


Entrepreneurship is the centerpiece of contemporary education. The ability to innovate, think creatively, and be ambitious are traits that we desperately require in this rapidly advancing digital era. We are taught stuff that does not help us in real life. This limits the potential of students who are cut out to be great entrepreneurs. If Jeff Bezos hadn’t started an entrepreneurial journey, Amazon and Blue Origin might never have been born. Imagine a world without E-Commerce and space exploration efforts. The world having to bear that loss is just sad.

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There is a myriad of people who don’t get the necessary exposure to bring about that little push. The push that kick starts an amazing journey. The early age is the best time to have that entrepreneurial seed planted in you. One that just grows over time. That is one of the things I regret not having in life. I had to go through a lot of trial and error.


Without entrepreneurship being taught in school, you might be unable to find your true purpose. It is possible that you might not fall into the basic success domain. However, that certainly does not mean that you should be shut down. It is intrinsic to tap into the potential of each individual. Having an innate ability to think outside the box is a huge success.

Above all, learning entrepreneurship at an early age educates you. By that I mean, it helps you take better decisions later on in your career. You might want to avoid losing out on a lot of money due to a stupid mistake.

How Entrepreneurship helps

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Better Living Standards

Entrepreneurship helps you create a better standard of living. One that you might not be able to get if you follow the same path as the rest. Moreover, it enables you to innovate, think creatively, and create something extraordinary. Above all, you get an opportunity to help people around you and make their lives easier.

Employment Opportunities and Economic Growth

Entrepreneurship gives birth to more companies which increases employment opportunities. Moreover, it facilitates the growth of the economy by introducing innovative technologies, products and services. Higher earnings due to entrepreneurship boost national income and tax revenue.


No discrimination

With entrepreneurship, you do not have to worry about discrimination of any sort. You can be of any color, race, background or from any income class. It won’t matter. You are the one in charge, and you can steer the boat in any direction that you want.

Well Being

Entrepreneurship promotes social and economic well being. According to Wharton professor Ethan Mollick, in a study he co-authored, the graduates studied who started their own businesses were for the most part “significantly happier” than others due to perceived greater control over their own destiny.

Actions Required

  1. Schools should inculcate entrepreneurship in their curriculum by making its courses graduation requisites. They should prepare students to identify and address challenges and opportunities.
  2. Teach the basic essentials of starting a business and necessary skills. These include communication, problem-solving and critical thinking. Above all, they should understand and realize the importance of creativity and innovation.
  3. Schools can also collaborate with organizations that help teachers teach entrepreneurship. Mentors and professionals can be brought on board to deliver sessions that develop an interest within the students.
  4. Encourage students to watch educational programs like Shark Tank.
  5. Lastly, schools can partner with venture capitalists and investment firms to fund student ideas and startups.

Hence, it is important to understand why entrepreneurship should be taught in school. Entrepreneurship helps in a myriad of ways. Hence, the necessary actions should be taken to ensure exposure to students. Above all, this helps students in the long run. Both in their careers and life.

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Sarim Siddiqui
Sarim Siddiqui

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