4 Tips for Marketing a Podcast

4 Tips for Marketing a Podcast

Congratulations! You are gearing up to introduce your podcast to the world, where there are over 383 million podcast listeners globally. You have spent hours recording and editing and are ready to launch, but then the thought crossed your mind, “how are people going to find it”?

Don’t let the fear of marketing your podcast stall you out. Learn the crucial podcast marketing strategies to get your voice into the headphones of those in the podcasting space.

Read on to learn four tips for podcast promotion to make launch day a success.

1. Take It to Social Media

As you prepare to “go live” with your podcast, you know you need to press into social media to get the word out. Turn your content into bite-sized, social media-friendly pieces to reach people on multiple social fronts.

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Utilizing video, images, soundbites, and graphics, you create various methods and spaces for people to become aware of and interested in your show. If the stress of marketing your newest venture on social is keeping you from getting started, bring in some help!

Invest in a marketing agency such as Spiral Marketing to get the word out about your podcast.

2. Leverage Audiences Effectively

Delving even deeper than social media, you need to leverage potential podcast audiences effectively. When inviting guest speakers to your show, ensure they share your podcast with their social and email audiences to grow the sphere.

If you have a team, encourage them to share the show with their friends and circle, no matter how small. Finally, tap into the friends and followers you already have. Ask your friends, family, and followers to subscribe, share, and leave reviews of your podcast to help get the word out faster.

3. Give Listeners What They Want

Have you ever stumbled upon a new podcast, listened to the first episode, and found yourself hooked? How frustrated were you when there was only one episode, and you had to wait for more to be released?

When starting a podcast, don’t make your audience wait! Assume they’re going to love your show and want more from you. As you approach your launch day, release more than one episode at that time. Better yet, release three episodes on launch day to give listeners what they want from you.

4. Utilize Aggregators and Directories

Podcast marketing requires more than just great content. You have to find ways for that great content to reach the queues of your target audience. Submitting your shows to aggregators and directories like Libsyn podcast hosting, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Spotify is an effective way to get your podcast on multiple platforms where new people can find your show.

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Take Marketing Your Podcast from Unknown to Successful

It’s time to push your hard work out of the nest for your audience to enjoy! Use these four tips to begin marketing your podcast effectively and quickly, and watch that total listening number begin to climb.

Are you working on getting your new business off the ground? Don’t go at it alone. Head to the Startups Category to find tips and resources to take your planning and development to the next level.

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