5 Popular Software for Portfolio Managers: Easly Track Your Investments

5 Popular Software for Portfolio Managers: Easly Track Your Investments

Management as a business field is complex. To be a successful Portfolio Manager, you need to use the software. The good news is, in today’s digital transformation world, a lot of software is designed especially for managers.

We will present you five popular software for Portfolio Managers:

1. BigPicture


This tool is portfolio management (PPM) software that will help you in all aspects of managing everyday work. The tool will optimize and keep track of your work and tasks, so you, as Portfolio Manager, will have more time for people-friendly management, “soft” management.

Features of BigPicture for Portfolio Managers are:

  • BigPicture will show your portfolio in a clean view. You will have a detailed picture of the organization that will be easy to explore.
  • BigPicture will monitor all work levels and provide you with the right portfolio reports for each level.
  • BigPicture supports integration with external tools, like Jira, Azure DevOps, and Trello, and soon it will support Google Calendar.
  • BigPicture will enable you to set up the Box types you need. Boxes have premade templates suitable for all management roles, and they are also easily customizable per your needs.

BigPicture portfolio software has scalable Pricing solutions you can check on their website.

2. Allvue Systems

Allvue Systems

Allvue LP Portfolio Management combines CRM, tracking, analyses, and reporting into one software solution for Portfolio Managers. This Portfolio management software can run all office activities – the front, middle, and back ones.

It is designed for Portfolio Managers who need to manage multi-asset class portfolios, and its main features are:

  • LP dashboard and reports with insights into your investments
  • Track investments across multi-asset classes
  • With workflows and diagrams, LP will monitor investments and their structures
  • Allvue will provide you with Chart portfolio development of your investments

Price for the desired solution you can request on their website.

3. Workfront


Workfront is Portfolio management software that can be used for any type of business, from enterprises to medium or small businesses.

Workfront for Portfolio management is designed to help Portfolio Managers to invest and choose work that will add business value.

Workfront helps Portfolio managers to optimize portfolio planning and maximize results. This software can centralize the visibility of all work and projects done by all teams. This feature will identify and prioritize the work tasks for your teams, so they can react promptly.

Workfront Scenario Planer will choose the best plan that is built on priority and skill requirements by comparing possible scenarios.

It offers three plans: Enterprise, Business, and Pro plan, and you can request pricing on the website.

4. Celoxis


Celoxis Management software is an integration of classic and agile management solutions. Portfolio Managers will get excellent features using this software. The Project Request tracking feature will collect and combine project requests and sort them.

With Project Planning, you can build project plans and, using automatization, create real-world conditions to see how those plans will look with applied changes.

The Project accounting feature will enable Portfolio Managers to have information about budges (spent/received) and see portfolio profitability. Portfolio Management Celoxis dashboard is customizable, and you can adjust it per your project needs to collect information that is of value for you.

Feature for Team and Client collaboration will enable your team to share files and discuss elements of work with team members and clients (using client’s portals).

The price for CLOUD per user/per month is $22,50 and ON-PREMISE per user/ one-time $450.

5. Corporater


Corporater is Portfolio management software for businesses. With Corporater, Portfolio Managers can connect every of its project with the right plans, goals, and financial resources to easily find the right decision to achieve better results.

Some of the features of Corporater Portfolio management software are:

  • Track portfolio performances
  • Link portfolio to right strategic objectives
  • Help manage risks with insight into KPIs
  • Reporting
  • Resource utilization improvement

You can use Corporater on any device, and all Corporater solutions are built on one platform. To get a demo of this software, fill out and submit the request form on their website.


These are the five popular software for Portfolio managers. As a Portfolio Manager, you need to choose one that will suit you the best.

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