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5 ways Covid-19 has brought changes in the workplace

Undoubtedly the pandemic that has hit us after the COVID-19 outbreak has turned our lives in a 360 angle. We’ve been living in constant lock downs, social distancing and even work has become work from home. Our daily routines have taken an abrupt and drastic change.  Many people have begun to question, “are these changes temporary?” or this is how life will be from now onwards. Even though, the vaccination scenario in many countries has highly increased yet there are still cases, every other day.

1.       Why our lives may not be the same again

Constantly we’re reading or getting to know about healthcare workers working 24/27. Battling Covid-19 is also a great risk to their lives. Many of them are avoiding going back to their homes, to protect their families and vigilantly doing their jobs. But, will they be able to work like this forever? That too, with the risk of putting others in danger. The stress on our healthcare due to Covid-19 needs to lessen.

If you consider the present situation of the world, summer Olympics have been delayed and major trade business is affected in every country. Covid-19 has taken a bad hit on the economy of every country, many people have even lost their jobs. We can’t guarantee or predict for how long this will go on. But, one thing is certain that our lives won’t be the same even after this. We’ve become too used to this new routine, even though it’s taking a toll on our mental healths. It will be hard going back to normal lives. We barely remember what “normal” was. Sure, we’ll be back at our workplaces and meeting and hanging out with people without any fear but the trauma of this time period will remain. It is important for everyone to follow SOPs so Covid-19 can be best contained.

   2. Life after lockdown

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1. Embrace contactless greetings

If you plan to shake hands, reconsider it. initially when Covid-19 struck, many world leaders stopped shaking hands to encourage their country people. Social distancing is being advertised, recommended and also reinforced by law enforcement  in many countries.

2. Changing the way we learn

While education industry has also been hit, everything has turned into online education. Teacher’s across the world are working extra hard to make sure that a student’s learning period does not go to waste. In many 3rd world countries, students don’t even have the privilege of internet nor online classes.

Apps like Zoom are being used majorly for online classes and it is made sure that not having a physical classroom does not stop children from learner. It is however, harder to stay focused and retain attention in online classes.

3.   Frequent washing of hands

One thing we’ve all learned by now is that personal hygiene is important. You need to make sure you are washing your hands as frequently as possible. It took time in the beginning, but people are now understanding how simply washing their hands with water and soap can contribute in saving lives. In the old “normal” washing hands was not taken as seriously. This has greatly changed in the year and half of the pandemic.

4.   Wear masks

Before Covid-19 hit us, masks were only worn in hospitals. But now, it has become a compulsory part of our lives while stepping out. Or, even meeting people from a distance. A 6ft distance in lines is mandatory and going out unnecessarily is strictly not recommended.

5.   Better air quality

Within the first few months into lockdown, environmentalists have noticed that the ozone layer is healing itself. Before the pandemic, the change in climate change had also become a threat. This is now thankfully recovering since there is less traffic on roads hence, less air pollution. We get to breath in better air quality. This means that nature can heal quickly if we become more considerate towards it. Majority of the world population has never even thought about how our environment affects us. But, now everyone can feel a clearer difference and importance of taking care of the environment.

6.   Be more grateful

 The pandemic has brought all the countries and people more closely. We’re being a united front in the fight against Covid-19. It has come to the realization that if we don’t protect or prepare ourselves when then we can also lose whatever we have now. the stories we read about people losing their loved ones against Covid-19 are heartbreaking and a lesson to us to be more appreciating of the present and thankful to be safer than the health workers who are at constant high risk. 

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