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Sarim Siddiqui

Sarim is the founder of PACE enterprises currently comprised of two divisions, PACE events and PACE Business. He is a certified Digital Marketer and works as a Digital Consultant, Content Strategist, and Search Engine Optimization specialist. He is passionate about educating on business and startups, as well as helping small businesses achieve their digital goals. You can find him on Instagram @sarim112 or LinkedIn, or reach out to him at [email protected].

The Story of Caya and Slidebean

caya slidebean
If you haven’t heard of Slidebean or its founder Caya, and you are actually into the startup industry, you are sleeping on a gold mine. Slidebean is an AI presentation platform that makes designing presentations not only easier and faster…

Customer Acquisition in Startups

customer holding magnetic card
Once the product is ready for market launch, the next step for every startup is to acquire customers and build a solid base. For that, you need a brilliant customer acquisition strategy. This is very important if you want your…

The PayPal Mafia

elon musk
The PayPal Mafia is the group of people who founded the renowned payment service company PayPal. These individuals are behind most of the famous companies that exist today, even billion-dollar ones. The group got together in the early 2000s, founded…

The Fake Guru Industry

dan lok, tai lopez, grand cardone
This blog was started to educate you guys regarding the world of entrepreneurship, and startups. To bring you information and news that you might not know, and help you guys regarding business, money and everything related. This is why today’s…

Product Management in Startups

person holding pencil and stick note beside table
Product Management is one of the most important functions of a startup. The product’s life cycle is an unpredictable and varying one, and you should learn how to deal with it. Instead of keeping the product alive the way it…