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The Story of Caya and Slidebean

If you haven’t heard of Slidebean or its founder Caya, and you are actually into the startup industry, you are sleeping on a gold mine. Slidebean is an AI presentation platform that makes designing presentations not only easier and faster but also cooler. Caya is Slidebean’s Founder and CEO and has been actively educating the public over the startup industry through his YouTube channel.


Caya’s history

Jose Cayasso, or better known as Caya, is the Founder and CEO of Slidebean. He is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of the current generation. I say that because what he preaches is not only relevant to the startup industry, but he does it with such simplicity and authenticity that you are able to resonate with what he has to say. He shares raw experiences through immaculate storytelling that keeps you engaged.

Caya was born in Costa Rica and was a graphics designer by profession. He was initially a Trainer and Senior Support Agent for Intel, covering Desktop Boards and Processors for the North America Region. In 2010 Caya developed a classified site, which was his first entrepreneurial venture. However, the startup failed due to a couple of problems.


Caya then began his second venture and founded his first company by the name of Saborstudio. This was a creative content company. They developed an iOS game called Pota-Toss, which was termed as the “Next Angry Birds” by TechCrunch and CNN. Its graphics were compared to that of a Pixar movie by Business Insider. The game was released to the App Store in October 2012 and was installed in over 300,000 devices that year. However, the company was a big failure. It left Caya with $16K in credit card debt.

Creation of Slidebean

However, Caya did not give up and kept pursuing his dream of establishing a successful company. During a TEDx event, he observed that the speakers and trainers actually had a whole team dedicated to making their presentations. And that was how the idea of a new and improved presentation platform came to him. In 2013, Caya went on to create Slidebean, an AI platform that creates “killer presentations”. Slidebean was part of Startup Chile and 500 Startups as well. It became immensely successful and its userbase grew year over year. The company recently became profitable.

Caya also gained a lot of popularity through his personal and Slidebean’s Youtube Channel. He posts content related to startup education, business, and entrepreneurship. You should definitely check both of the channels out!


What is Slidebean?

After two failed startups, Caya came up with the idea of creating a new and improved presentation platform. He realized that the existing platforms like Microsoft PowerPoint were difficult to use, and consumed a lot of time. The idea of Slidebean was to create a platform where users could generate a myriad of designs in a matter of seconds.

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Slidebean is basically an AI integrated presentation platform that takes care of the design, the font, color, arrangement, and everything else that goes into a slide in a matter of seconds. It then presents you with several design alternatives, out of which you simply pick one that you like the most. Moreover, you can even invite your team to collaborate with you with the changes being synced for everyone else.

In conclusion, Slidebean lets you focus on what matters the most, and it takes care of the rest. It saves you from all the hassle and the annoyance for a really affordable price of $8/month for their starter plan. Click here to access their services.

Apart from being the founder of Slidebean, Caya also handles several other projects as well. He offers consultancy to startups through the Slidebean website and is also currently building a SAAS tool collection platform called “Monthly App”. You can check out his complete profile here.

There is a lot to learn from Caya’s story, experiences, and the existence of Slidebean as well. He is the epitome of resilience and not giving up on your dreams. When you set your minds to do something, you can achieve anything.

If you want to create a pitch deck, design a presentation, or even get consulted for your startup, you can get these services here.

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