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Why Log Management is Your Cybersecurity Secret Weapon

Why Log Management is Your Cybersecurity Secret Weapon

Log data allows technical teams (developers, DevOps engineers and SysAdmins) to quickly identify and resolve problems. Furthermore, this information also assists with detecting anomalies or potential security risks. As part of any secure logging practice, tokenization or masking should be…

Does Ghostify Work?

Does Ghostify Work

In an era of increasing online threats to privacy, individuals and businesses are seeking effective solutions to protect their sensitive information and maintain digital anonymity. Ghostify is a privacy-focused tool that claims to enhance online privacy and security. In this…

What to Expect When Using Outsourced IT Services


No business can afford to run a business IT infrastructure that isn’t optimized. But updating and improving your infrastructure is often easier said than done. So, outsourcing IT services is an increasingly popular move among SMBs. However, it is important…