Choosing the Right Emergency Lighting Unit for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Emergency Lighting Unit for Your Needs

Reliable emergency lighting provides essential assistance during power outages, helping the occupants safely exit a building and escape to safety. In fact, emergency lighting may even be mandated by fire codes and regulations for certain buildings and spaces.

Selecting the ideal emergency light solution is of utmost importance for meeting your specific needs, with many considerations including cost, design, battery life and energy efficiency.

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  1. Size

Emergency lighting is required by fire codes, and can help mitigate unanticipated events that arise unexpectedly. Ignoring this safety measure may result in fines, legal action or more serious risks for employees or patrons of your business.

Your facility requires different options of emergency lights. One popular type is dual head units commonly known as bug eyes or “exit signs.” These units feature ultra-bright LED lamps and long battery lifespans to serve as illumination during power outages.

Some models feature self-testing and diagnostic features to eliminate manual testing, while other models feature metal or thermoplastic housings with concealed circuit wiring for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Furthermore, there are units designed specifically to handle hazardous locations that contain flammable gases and vapors.

  1. Battery Life

All emergency lights and exit signs utilize batteries as power sources during power outages, with each battery being rechargeable via circuitry in their fixtures that charges and maintains them.

Emergency lighting regulations mandate that batteries used in self-contained luminaires meet minimum lifespan requirements of four years; many customers choose longer lifespan options such as nickel cadmium or lithium batteries that typically last an estimated five years.

We offer an assortment of durable and efficient emergency light units that meet code requirements for both indoor and outdoor installations, with designs and materials to meet specific installation environments. Many come equipped with quick test buttons and external push-to-test switches for convenient maintenance tasks.

  1. Design

Emergency lighting provides essential illumination of exit signs and lights along the paths of egress in order to guide people out safely in case of power outages in offices, schools, hospitals, movie theaters, malls or restaurants – offices being one such location requiring such lighting measures as much as any others such as movie theaters, malls or restaurants.

Emergency lighting comes in various forms. From centrally located sources with batteries and control gear/chargers supplying slave fittings throughout a building to self-contained fixtures containing lamps, battery and control features in one unit, emergency lights come in a variety of configurations to meet various situations. Non-maintained operation modes may also be utilized where it would be difficult or impractical to incorporate emergency light fixtures with normal illumination system components.

We carry an array of durable, elegant indoor and outdoor emergency lighting units designed to withstand wet/damp locations. Each one boasts unique designs, materials and sizes for added flexibility in wet/damp environments.

  1. Energy Efficiency

These emergency lights plug directly into a standard outlet and offer up to 90 minutes of runtime during an outage, using a pulse switching charger which is up to 70% more energy-efficient than a constant voltage charge. They feature brownout and short circuit protection as well as dual diagnostic LED displays that facilitate periodic UL testing.

These emergency lights are an excellent option for building occupants, providing illumination that’s clear and bright enough to guide them safely towards exits during power outages. Mount them according to code-specified egress lighting requirements to prevent dark spots.

Affordable alternatives to hardwired fixtures, these solar lights offer you an affordable way to achieve the look and style you desire. Many come equipped with automatic battery backup systems, charging systems and AC/DC conversion circuitry built-in for added peace of mind.

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  1. Cost

Underestimating emergency lighting needs can result in expensive replacement costs, fines from government agencies and lawsuits from building occupants – not to mention potentially endangering those inside your facility.

Emergency light fixtures come in all kinds of varieties: some feature self-contained charging circuits with rechargeable batteries; while others rely on central battery systems.

Dual-head emergency fixtures, often known as bug-eyes, offer an economical choice for lighting emergencies and power interruptions. Their convenient combination allows them to work seamlessly with any regular light fixture while being operated using an internal battery backup.

Modern lighting fixtures offer another attractive solution, recessed-mount fixtures designed to fit into cutouts and seamlessly blend into their surrounding lighting fixtures. NFPA standards-compliant models often operate with lower voltage operation to reduce energy consumption while being powered by maintenance-free NiCd, NiMH or lithium batteries for added convenience.


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