Fintech App Development and 6 Ideas For Fintech Startup In 2022

Fintech App Development and 6 Ideas For Fintech Startup In 2022

Technology has influenced a lot of things, including the banking and finance sector. Today, numerous fintech startups have emerged, with each company having something to offer the general public. And out of the success/progress through the years, many companies now consider building a fintech app.

With this fintech app development, convenience will no longer be a myth because people will now find easy ways to do things. Read on how to build a fintech app and the best six fintech startup ideas in 2022 here.

Fintech App Development: The 6 Best Fintech App Ideas

The fintech industry is a $300 billion industry and is undeniably one of the most booming sectors in the world today. However, the success of this industry is propelled by some factors, one of which is the fintech app development that many companies now see as a means to launch a startup.

In 2022, it is projected that the six best ideas for fintech startups are the following:

1. Digital Banking App

Contactless and Cashless Payment Through Qr Code and Mobile Banking

If you want to create a fintech app, digital banking is definitely an absolute option to consider. The evolution of banking has taken many by surprise. Today, banks are interested in digitizing their services more than any industry globally.

Several people need to be attended to, and the traditional system won’t work for that. However, with digital banking apps, banks can avail themselves to several customers from the comfort of their homes as long as they have a smartphone and a stable network connection.

Indeed, digital banking apps make financial transactions faster and more seamless.

2. P2P Lending App

Banks aren’t the only sectors that have successfully utilized fintech software to improve their services; some lending companies also have. Fintech software provides an excellent P2P lending solution so that people can acquire money in the safest and most secure way possible. This app idea would promote the digital money or cashless policy agenda and make sure people are accessible to many personal loans.

3. Investment App

Various Currency Exchange Rate Chart on Smartphone

There is so much having an investment app can do. It allows people to find incredible offers or things they can invest in. The app will present potential investors with several platforms that will enable them to make investments by buying or selling stocks or orders and depositing funds.

Most of these investment apps are built on a centralized system, allowing users to view different features expected from these platforms – for instance, return rate, instruments, and expected returns.

4. Insurance App

In fintech application development, insurance apps have taken their place. Fintech software has made the services of insurance providers better. Now, insurers can learn more about new insurance policies, be informed on available insurance plans, and choose a plan in the comfort of their homes.

And in case of emergencies, these insurance apps integrate a live-chat feature and other effective channels for fast communication with insurance companies.

5. Crypto Exchange App

Payment With Btc Bitcoin Will Replace Credit Card With App on Mobile Smart Phone

It is no longer news that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others are the “currency of the future.” By owning a crypto exchange app, there is so much to be done regarding trading or investment. Users will be able to find ways to trade their cryptocurrencies with other users on the platform, either for fiat currency or other digital assets.

In short, the whole point of creating a crypto exchange app platform using fintech software would be to serve as an intermediary between crypto buyers and traders.

6. Saving App

If you also have to build fintech apps, you should consider a saving app. These apps are built for personal use – to manage finances. Users can plan their budget, develop a saving plan, and even track how much they spend monthly with a saving app. Overall, it will be a great way to monitor financial habits.


If you need other fintech startup ideas apart from those aforementioned, you can try out RegTech apps, Crowdfunding apps, Robo-advising apps, and Bill-reminder apps. So, if there are anything fintech app development promises, it is that there are endless possibilities.

Overall, you can choose to launch a startup in any of these areas and, in the future, become one of the world’s most successful fintech companies.

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