Top Fun Virtual Event Ideas For Remote Teams In 2022

Top Fun Virtual Event Ideas For Remote Teams In 2022

So how do you build mutual trust and friendship among your employees when your team is remote? When it comes to maintaining positive company culture, it’s essential for you as an employer to establish a fun working atmosphere while building decent employee morale that will drive your employees to push further, be more productive, and achieve company goals.

This is particularly important for remote teams that don’t see each other daily, where it’s pretty standard for individual employees to feel alone and isolated as they work from the comfort of their homes.

To help strengthen relationships and build trust within your remote team, you must create meaningful two-way interaction. And to do that, you need to understand that it’s equally important to engage with fellow remote workers on non-work-related topics and activities as you need to communicate with them regarding company tasks that need to be performed each day.

Video Conference Meeting With Colleagues

This is where virtual team-building activities can revivify non-work chit-chats that usually happen during coffee breaks or company outings. After all, these face-to-face interactions can help you motivate remote team members to thrive in the new normal, as they will certainly help your employees feel more connected to your organization even if they’re not spending time in the office.

And the best thing about these virtual team-building activities is that they definitely don’t require a lot of preparation to take place nor cost money, as they can be easily added to any team meeting or video conference call. So, to make things easier for you and give you some excellent ideas about your future remote team building activities, here are the top remote event concepts for remote teams in 2022.

1. Organize A Company-Wide Fitness Challenge

Even though remote workers may seem like they have plenty of unoccupied time on their hands while working remotely, staying fit when working from home is not an easy task. Nevertheless, according to a recent poll, nearly 50% of all workers who switched to remote work because of the Covid-19 pandemic say they’re taking less physical exercise, not to mention the musculoskeletal problems that workers may develop because of their lack of movement.

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To address this need of your workforce and to save your team members from this unhealthy habit, many remote employees tend to share. You can launch a company-wide fitness challenge where you can set a goal, organize online workout classes, and create a group chat where each employee can share their progress. To give your employees a motivation boost and keep them engaged throughout the challenge process, don’t forget to reward your fitness challenge winners with some thoughtful prizes.

2. Encourage Playing Online Games

If you want to skip the exercising part but still want to encourage some high-quality fun with your remote workers, you can encourage your workforce to play fun online games together. While there are millions of online games to choose from, the best options for hosting an online playing event include:

  • Virtual bingo is a game where you can let your employees try their luck. To organize a virtual bingo event, you can either make someone the bingo caller to announce the numbers or let an automated number generator host your event instead. In the end, the most important thing when hosting this event is to have fun, enjoy some drinks, and reward the luckiest employee with a hearty prize.
  • Playing virtual escape rooms is another fantastic idea for remote teams as they are proven to enhance collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills. When playing a virtual escape room, your employees will group to solve mysteries, uncover clues, and build a stronger team spirit along the way.
  • Scribble is an online game meant for everyone who can or likes to draw. The rules of Scribble are pretty simple as one by one, each worker selects a word and tries to visualize it on a board in 90 seconds. The first one who manages to guess the word right earns a point. Obviously, the goal is to score as many points as possible and have a ton of fun along the way.

3. Host An Online Karaoke Party

Finally, whether you want to help your team to unwind on a Friday night or you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, you can never go wrong with hosting an online karaoke party for your team members. These sessions where everyone can show off their singing skills are easy to set up, and the objective is to let everyone express themselves through singing without restrictions.

Zoom Video Conference

To do it, you should ask the participants to select a song and get its karaoke backing track from YouTube. Afterward, only the singer or singers will keep their microphones on as everyone else mutes theirs and enjoys the session.

Final Thoughts

In the end, building a cohesive team of employees take a lot of work. Still, it doesn’t have to be a drag, as you can efficiently boost productivity and engagement by introducing some fun virtual team-building events that will make your remote employees socialize with their co-workers, managers, and owners.

So try out our recommended fun virtual events in your next team-building session and provide your workforce with the fun times they deserve.

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