High School Stress - 5 Ways To Conquer It

High School Stress – 5 Ways To Conquer It

Three years ago, right about this time, I was marking my calendar for all exams in all available sessions. I was in a rush to do everything; excel in my second year of high school; get the best SAT score, and write a unique personal statement.

I was under so much pressure but decided to do it all on my own with no external help. I was scared to spend anywhere except my SAT fee because I was surrounded by scams that came with no guarantee of success.

Don’t make the same mistake I made.

You need help. The last year of college is extremely stressful, with a lot of change happening around you. It is okay to NEED help. However, the market is even more crowded now. How to separate authentic tuition centers from scams? Who to ask for solicited advice? How to manage time and resources?

Keep reading to get the answers!

Taking care of High School stress

Here, you have covid to thank. Out of all the disruptions it has made, one thing which is now even more accessible is education because of online classes.

Take advantage of online demos and tutorials and choose the best option for yourself from the comfort of your room. This is just one thing to decide among the plethora of other decisions you have to make this year.

Read below to know some of the most useful tricks which I have gathered from my fellows and colleagues to tackle the last year of high school.

1. Take a Day Off

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Yes, the first trick may sound insane to you, but it is the most significant one. It is recommended even by the College Board to take a day off before the SAT test. Why does everybody emphasize resting?

Because you are not a machine. Our mind may work like a machine, but it needs ample time to relax it work at full speed. If you stress yourself daily with constant practice, even on a Sunday, there is a huge chance that on the big day, you will score poorly.

2. Organize, Organize and Organize

It is vital for you to take off days, but it is also a fact that this year is not for you to procrastinate. You have a lot to do in the span of just a few months, so use your time wisely.

Prioritize your education and future above everything else. Yes, the saying goes here too, one year, and then it will be blissful.

3. Don’t listen to everyone

Stop, Thats Anough, Dont Want Hear

Yes, everybody wants the best for you. Yes, your parents and family have invested a lot in you, and they have more experience. Still, only you know how you can function.

Do not let yourself drown in the expectations of others. Nobody will be happy in the end if you do. Make the goals that you know will carve the best version of yourself. This is the time your self-awareness and confidence will come in handy.

4. Seek Help

We all need support. As humans, we all want affection, love, and care from others. Take care of your emotional health. Make it your priority. Furthermore, your brain will function at its lowest if you are not stable. It is reported that 20% of teens are clinically depressed because they are not given the right kind of help and support.

If you cannot ask your high school teachers or family for support, go online and find mental health help centers. Do not yourself rot at any cost!

5. Academic Support Outside of High School

Your high school or college is already catering to hundreds of students who are in the same boat as you. Look for other alternate options that would treat you as an exception and understand that your future is at stake.

Get the best tutors and enroll yourself in courses that can benefit you in the next four years as well. Find places like Tutotrsbee, where education is accessible for all.


Amidst this stress of getting into the best college, remember that you will enjoy that college if you are content. If you are not at peace, even Harvard will not be enough for you.

When everybody is telling you what to do, only listen to what you want to do but realistically. Do not try to break the chains of the system and rebel against it. Some of the billionaires might be dropouts, but most of them are living on the streets. So, calculate the risk and plan accordingly.

The key to successfully passing this year is planning. Get done with registrations and start your preparation with the utmost dedication.

Hard work never goes unpaid, and there are millions of stories out there that can prove it to you. The end of high school is a turning point for all of us, do not let it overwhelm you. Embrace the changes with open arms!

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