How can businesses fight the Coronavirus?

How can Businesses fight the Coronavirus?

The common perception among many people is that businesses have the sole purpose of exploiting people and making money. The coronavirus has brought about the biggest financial crisis in human history since the Great Depression. As a result, businesses are understandably struggling. However, in this struggle, they have the opportunity to become memorable and contribute to society. By helping in the fight versus the Coronavirus, businesses can not only enhance their reputation but help society move back to normalcy. It may make them suffer financially, but this is a time to stand together. So how can businesses fight the coronavirus?

Implementing work from home

With social distancing in effect, it is essential for businesses to continue functioning remotely. To do this, employees should be told to work from home wherever it is possible. This would reduce the risks of transmission and keep the community safe. However, some frontline workers are forced to work on the field due to the nature of their jobs. Companies should provide them with the necessary safety equipment to reduce the risks of transmission. Google and Facebook, for example, have extended work-from-home policies until the end of 2020.

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Support your employees

Millions of people are losing their jobs worldwide. The first thing companies are doing to save their businesses is to cut down on employment costs. This has led to massive unemployment rates worldwide. However, a responsible business would side with their employees in these difficult times. Wage cuts may become necessary, but communication is key. Keep your employees updated with respect to the current situation. Do not spring any surprises on them. The situation is already stressful as is. You will be surprised at the response this empathy will get you. Your workers will not only work harder but grow attached to the company. This will enhance your reputation as well as your employee productivity.

Sanitization and Cleanliness

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This may seem obvious, but we must be extra careful. Regular sanitization and disinfection are now a part of the new normal. Businesses can help in this fight versus the Coronavirus by disinfecting and sanitizing their workplaces regularly. They must also provide these safety and cleanliness equipment to their frontline workers. These practices will probably be the norm for the foreseeable future, so businesses should take heed. Furthermore, proper cleaning and sanitization protocols should be in place. Employees should be trained to adhere to these protocols, both at work (if they must come) and at home.

Support the Community

Fighting the Coronavirus will require a collective effort. We must come together as a community and contribute in any way we can. This onus lies on businesses as well, for their operations depend on the well-being of their consumers. If they do not help those around them, there would be no one left to do business with. Examples of raising donations from the likes of Facebook can motivate us to do better. Donations, volunteering, and public support message can go a long way in helping the community fight the virus.


Spread Positivity

In dark times like these, it is important to give people hope of better things to come. You can use your business’ contacts and reach to spread a message of positivity and encouragement. Various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices can be undertaken to raise awareness about the virus. Not only will this serve as a marketing technique to enhance the company’s reputation, but it will also enable you to do some good in the meanwhile.

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 While the onus on businesses is usually to earn money, they can incorporate these responsible practices to make a difference. While doing so, they may even enhance their reputation and grow their businesses.

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