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How can you benefit from the digital era?

Do you remember writing postcards and letters to your long lost friend? Love letters sent to your significant other through pigeons? The most romantic ways of communication do not exist anymore yet we continue to remember them and be remorseful about it. The question is why? Why do we want to stick to the old and outdated methods of communication? The digital era can benefit us in a lot of ways we just have to use it a little cleverly.

Those letters took days to be delivered. A fight would stay unresolved for days just because the letter will not get to them immediately and the matter will get worse by the minute. Now? In this day and time, if you want to make someone feel better or resolve an issue – you make a loving post on social media or leave them a message. In minutes, you are able to express yourself and deal with issues. However, we still continue to despise the digital era because we deem it to be too much at times. 

Tips and Tricks for the Digital Era

Like everything else in our lives, we need to balance digital exposure as well. It is about using it to your benefit and not giving people too much information. The communication is better, faster and more efficient now. But it is also very crowded out there. It falls onto us to figure out the right way to use this digital era to our benefit. When it comes to businesses or influencers, a certain vibe is expected on instagram. Before launching any channel on any social media platform it is vital to niche your audience among the 3.80 billion social media users out there in the world. After few months of our own work, PACE has figured out these tips on how to stand out in the digitized crowd:

1- Develop a story

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There are billions out there posting meaninglessly everyday. Of course, all the posts you make cannot have a sacred purpose. However a defined overview of why you are on a platform must be defined. Your voice should have a purpose and your presence should make an effect. PACE business is all about taking the markets on whim and keep trying to make your start ups get better and better. We aspire to inspire. 

2- Design your feed 

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It sounds superficial and highly scripted but designing your feed gives you a direction. It helps you niche your audience and make content which resonates with them. At PACE, we have decided who we want to empower the masses. We keep our followers updated with current news and give them inspiring examples to follow in order to succeed. The content has been designed in such a way that everyday we speak about something new. 

3- The balance of personal and professional

Pace business is an extremely professional content creator with a lot to offer when it comes to entrepreneurship and startups. Although when we publish our works we include some personal touch in our articles. We express opinions and often represent our personal biases as well. The reason behind making it personal is to connect well with readers. When they know it is a human writing and not a robot, they are able to relate better. 

4- Master the funnel

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When you are continuously talking about something make sure you have a plan. Where are you directing your audience? What is the end goal? Attraction is just the first phase which you design through your wall/feed. If that is done correctly, by the end of the day you would have done at least one sale or generated a whole lot of traffic to your website.

5- Excel the algorithm

The most popular platforms are Facebook and Instagram with the most number of users. However these platforms keep on changing their algorithms to become more efficient. These changes are the key to ace these platforms. For example, the latest and most important feature was to use all 10 places on instagram and make it a carousel. A carousel has more chances to be displayed on your followers feed than just a single photo. To stay updated with these changes, turn on your alerts and follow people like Chris Do

The tips we have gathered here just outlines the strategies and experience we have received by running PACE. To truly excel social media there is a whole lot of literature, videos and courses that one can go through. In this digital era, apart from social media, there is a new increase in the number of websites and applications too. This is not the time where people have the patience to wait for a response for their letter, it is a time where even replying two minutes late is considered rude. Make use of this fast paced era and make sure you benefit from it in the correct manner. 

Sakina Nayani
Sakina Nayani
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