How Various HR Tech Can Combat the Great Resignation

How Various HR Tech Can Combat the Great Resignation

One of the biggest concerns for organizations is employee turnover. There can be many reasons as to why employees turn over, but all those reasons equate to one thing: lost time and money on training new people.

Employee turnover rates are extremely high, especially in this digital age where it’s just too easy for employees to quit their jobs and head elsewhere. Employee turnover isn’t just a problem at large companies. It’s also an issue in small and medium enterprises. SMEs, in particular, don’t have the resources to hire and train new employees every time someone decides to leave, which is why they need HR technology that can help them retain their workforce.

Employees are prone to resigning for a variety of reasons, but digital solutions are now available to assist tackle these issues. The digital age and its constant evolution have led to the birth of new technologies that help employees work more efficiently and deliver solutions that can combat issues related to employee turnover. Here are five digital HR technology solutions that can help SMEs retain their workforce:

1. Paid Video Interview Tools

This tool is best suited for companies that are hiring in bulk because it allows managers to save time when it comes to interviewing people. It’s also an efficient digital solution if the manager is looking for someone with specific attributes since he can carry out a series of video interviews and choose the most viable candidate.

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It is more efficient to buy paid versions of it if the budget allows since it can remove restrictions and limitations, which can be frustrating to employees.

2. HR Chatbots

Chatbots can help organizations improve their digital marketing services by answering employee queries, sending out relevant information about the company, and even scheduling events. HR chatbots are digital versions of personal assistants that can be accessed through digital messaging platforms.

They can answer employees’ questions about salaries, career opportunities, work schedules, benefits, and other topics related to the workforce. HR chatbots are programmed to ask follow-up questions so that the information they gather is more accurate and detailed.

3. Employee Engagement Platforms

These digital solutions allow organizations to find out what their employees are thinking about at work and how satisfied they are with their current situation.

Employee engagement digital solutions include surveys, polls, and feedback forms where employees can share their thoughts about the company, their line manager, and co-workers. HR digital solutions like this one allow managers to get feedback on several different levels – departmental, organizational and individual.

4. Streamlined Communication Channels

Companies nowadays are moving away from physical offices because of digital technologies like Slack that let employees communicate with each other instantly, no matter where they are.

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This digital solution is perfect for companies requiring employees to work remotely because they can talk to their managers and HR personnel through digital messages. Through Slack, employees can discuss company policies, ask questions about their benefits or share feedback with the organization’s digital HR team.

5. Time Management Software

The digital age has led to more flexible work hours, which is why employees are constantly under pressure to perform at their best, even if they’re working from home or another location.

To address this issue, digital HR technology is providing solutions that allow employees to track the amount of time they spend on specific tasks such as SEO services and how productive their day was.


Start-ups are one of the most common companies where employees tend to leave early on because they don’t feel engaged at work or the company isn’t doing well financially speaking. To address this issue, they need to invest in HR technology.

HR tech is providing hiring managers with online tools that can help them better engage ​​employees and aid in the company’s online reputation management. It is important to amp up your HR technology and be on-trend as this contributes to employee satisfaction and retention.

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