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How to Adapt your Marketing Strategies to COVID-19

Since COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic, it is affecting businesses and consumers alike worldwide. Business trends, consumer preferences and demands, and marketing landscapes and mediums have changed drastically. Consumers are shifting their focus to products and services that can be consumed or bought online. You might have to adapt your marketing efforts accordingly by finding digital marketing services and shifting your focus towards it. Here are some ways you can do so during COVID-19:

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Companies have moved towards digital marketing now more than ever.

Be considerate

These are unprecedented times we are going through. Watching out for your customers when you market during COVID 19 is key. You must be sensitive to the current issues at hand. Empathetic marketing strategies will not only make your customers relate with you more, but will also improve your brand image and bring in new customers. Every good marketing campaign engages well with customers, and nothing will resonate with them more than knowing that your business understands and will help them through these tough times.

Spread positivity, but not ignorance


In the gloom and doom of the virus, be a positive voice that gives people optimism and educates them about the current situation. Employee generated content can be helpful in these times. Things like favorite Netflix shows, opinions on hot topics, and maybe some live podcasts. Not only will this give your customers relatable content, knowing that the company has people just like them, going through the same things, but will also give your employees motivation and maximize their engagement within and outside the organization. However, the positivity should not be such that it breeds ignorance among your customers with regards to the ongoing pandemic. You should not spread false news, no matter how positive it may be. If you are sharing news, make sure you validate it first.

Highlight your pro-relief efforts

Do your part. Help those in need. This is the time for you to give back to society. But do not worry, this will benefit you too. While you should help out of the goodness of your heart rather than for personal benefits, it will help you in the long run. If people see your company cares and is giving back to society, they will come flooding to avail your products and services as support. Market your efforts, tell people what you can offer. You may even need to re-align your production to help.  Figure out how you can do so, and market those efforts you plan on making or have made already.

Educate the masses


Being a responsible business, you could increase customer engagement by educating them about different aspects related to COVID 19. Spreading awareness about the pandemic is our moral duty as businessmen who may have access to mass media and have a wide audience. Use this opportunity to show them how they should act, giving them examples of the preventive measures that you,  may be taking.

Diversify your Regions

While COVID-19 is indeed a pandemic and most, if not all the countries around the world have been affected by it, there are some who have been affected to a lesser extent. South Korea, for example, has been relatively successful in curbing the spread of the disease. China has started to recover and has started opening businesses around the country. Target your marketing efforts towards these countries and see what you can offer. Study their recovery or prevention and educate people and governments on how they can follow suit. The possibilities are endless. Identify which ones you can capitalize on and implement them.

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All businesses should hence communicate, collaborate and eventually through the first two, eliminate this virus and return things to normalcy.

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Syed Muhammad Ismail

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