How to Attach Table Legs

How to Attach Table Legs

With the sales of home furnishings going up by over 7%, there’s a good chance you might buy a new table sometime soon. But before you start using it for dinner or homework, you’ll need to assemble it. What steps should you take?

Read on to learn how to attach table legs!

Attach Table Legs Directly

Do you have a modern table with metal legs? This is one of the easiest scenarios when it comes to attaching table legs — if the table base is made of wood.

If you want to attach industrial table legs to a table without an apron, you’ll just need a few tools to get started. Use mounting screws that come with the legs, and simply position the legs flush against the underside of the table base. From there, hold the legs in place and use a power drill to screw them into the surface.

Man Assembling Table Legs at Home

Use Threaded Inserts

For a discrete and simple way to attach table legs, turn to threaded inserts. This method is popular if your table lacks a skirt or other feature to obstruct surface plates or more obvious attachments. And this method is ideal for wooden tables.

You’ll need to have some skill drilling clean holes to pull this off. But if you can, install a threaded insert into a predrilled hole in the table base’s underside. Then, with a threaded bolt attached to the table leg, you can screw the leg flush to the table base.

Try Mounting Blocks

In a similar vein to threaded inserts, mounting blocks offer a refined way to attach table legs. Just as the name implies, these blocks are small pieces of wood that sit between the table base and leg. They can make even the best table a little sturdier, and design features like beveled edges can make them look refined.

First, you’ll attach the block to each corner of the table base. Then, with a bolt emerging from each table leg, you’ll screw the leg into the block. You’ll end up with a table that can support a heavier load during your next holiday dinner gathering!

Turn to Surface Plates

For another approach to attaching table legs, use surface plates that are either flat or angled. The angle option allows you to attach your legs at a flared angle if that’s what you prefer.

Man Assembling Sofa Furniture at Home Using Cordless Screwdriver

Surface plates require hanger bolts that you’ll install into the center of each wooden leg. You’ll attach the metal plate to each corner of the table base and then screw the legs into the plates. Surface plates work best if your table has thinner legs that are made of wood.

Learn How to Attach Table Legs

When you know how to attach table legs in a variety of ways, you can choose the best method for your needs. For a clean attachment, try threaded inserts or a direct attachment.

But for a little more artistry or sturdiness, go with mounting blocks or metal surface plates. To find more home improvement help, come back to see new articles soon!

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