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How to Evaluate a Job Offer: A Guide

Evaluating a job offer can be a tedious task. With so many variables in consideration, it can be quite nerve-wracking to accept, reject, or negotiate an offer. You have to keep in mind respectfulness, professionalism, and empathy while doing all three. However, its easier said than done. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to evaluate, accept, or reject a job offer.

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Negotiating your Offer

Getting a job offer sends you to the final stage of recruitment: the negotiation. Many people fail to this opportunity, but if done right, it can be hugely beneficial. Hence, you must clearly assess the offer in terms of what you want from the job and what it is offering. Are you after a huge paycheck? Does the company offer it? Or do you prefer engaging work over the money? Does the job description give any hints regarding that? These are just a few of the many questions you should ask yourself. They will differ from person to person, depending on their needs and wants. here are some of the things you need to look into:

Evaluation of the offer

Salary. Even when the money on offer is sufficient for survival, you need to figure out if it justifies your skillset and knowledge. Look at the financial package holistically. Look at other similar jobs for people with similar experience and skills and see what they are being offered. Databases and job search websites, such as Glassdoor, Indeed,, Ladders, and are a good way to start. However, the best approach is talking to recruiters, headhunters, and others in the industry. If you feel the salary on offer is below the market value (or your own), you should negotiate for a higher one. You must do this politely and gradually, explaining to the recruiters why you think you are worth more than what they are offering. When negotiating it’s crucial to consider not only the initial, but also the cost of living and tax implications in the city, for example the salary after taxes in NYC, to ensure you are making a well-informed and financially sound decision.

two women sitting in front of woman wearing gray blazer

Job content. It’s also important to think about whether you will be internally satisfied from the work you will be doing. To answer this question, you need to know the kinds of activities you want to be involved in and the skills you want to use as a professional. If the job content does not match your ambition or values, you must move away from negotiation and towards rejection.

Keeping these two things in mind, you can counter-offer the offer on the table. If the salary and job content do not match according to their workload, ask for better pay. However, you must be polite, professional and engaging in your negotiations. Do not be a pushover, but ask for more if you think you deserve it. Do remember to explain why you do, however.

How to Accept a Job Offer

If the offer on the table is reasonable and you want to accept, there is a way to go about that as well. First of all, you should thank the recruiters for giving you the opportunity to be here, and to talk to them. Every organization loves a company man, so you must display that attitude from day one. Let them know how happy you are to be a part of their organization and how you will give it your all. After all, dedication and hard work together are the key to success.

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How to Decline a Job Offer

Rejecting a job offer makes the best of us nervous. How do you say no to someone who just took a chance on you? You must take emotions out of the decision and base it on facts. Is the company undervaluing you? Do they seem uncooperative during negotiations? If so, a polite no with a few good reasons would do no harm to them or to you. Respectfulness will be key here, as the people you are dealing with are your potential customers, potential advisors, and perhaps even your future employers.

Here were a few tips on how to evaluate your job offer. Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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