How to Reduce Your Company Power Bill

How to Reduce Your Company Power Bill

Energy prices are rising in the United States, and the added expenses of operating a business can reduce profits. Small and large companies need to find ways to reduce energy usage to save money on the monthly utility bill.

Harnessing renewable energy is a practical first step, but it’s one of many worth considering if you’re hoping to reduce your company power bill. Minor changes can have a profound impact on your business expenses.

The challenge is knowing where to begin to cut costs, improve your profit margin, and expand your operations. Finding helpful advice is critical, and you’re in the perfect place for guidance. Continue reading to learn tips to lower your energy expenses today!


Schedule an Energy Audit

When looking for ways to lower your company’s power bill, the first step is to schedule an energy audit. Most power companies will offer the audit as a free service. There’s no reason to skip past this step if you’re committed to saving money.

The audit professional will visit your business and look for the causes of inefficient electricity use. Air leaks, inefficient lighting, and insulation issues will waste electricity and money.

Contact your local utility supplier when scheduling the audit. They’ll help you identify troublesome issues you can resolve to begin saving.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Equipment

The EnergyStar Program is a fantastic resource for your business. It can help you begin saving money on your monthly utility bill. Check your options for equipment and appliances before making an investment.

Look for options that are EnergyStar-certified. You’ll use less electricity, saving money while enhancing productivity at your business. You’ll notice a substantial difference in savings at the end of the year.

Turn Off Lights

Using lighting in unused spaces in the office is a significant waste of money. Encourage your employees to begin turning lights off when exiting the bathroom, breakroom, or meeting area.

You can enhance the process by using sensor lights in these spaces. The lights will turn on when they sense movement or a human presence, eliminating the need for mental labor when remembering to turn them off.

Program Office Thermostats

Thermostats and HVAC systems are crucial for maintaining comfortable office temperatures. Using the thermostat when your employees are in the office is logical. However, you’re wasting money when the HVAC works overtime after most employees leave.

Investing in programmable thermostats can overcome this challenge and lower your monthly power bill. You can set the thermostat to the ideal temperature during working hours.

It’s also worth programming the thermostat to stop operating when your employees leave for the day. Managing your thermostat during after-work hours makes a massive difference for the company power bill.

Invest in Renewable Energy

Solar power is the most affordable and accessible form of renewable energy for your business. It’s the best way to lower your power bill when operating a company in Ohio or elsewhere in the Lower 48.

Exploring your renewable energy options in Ohio State will help you save money while creating a sustainable brand. Your customers want to work with a business that values the environment. Your solar panels demonstrate your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s also an excellent way to lower your electric bill. The panels will collect solar energy and convert it into alternating current. The power produced will help you run equipment, keep the lights on, and maintain a comfortable temperature.

In addition to your monthly savings, you’ll also gain access to federal solar tax credits for businesses. The tax credit will help you save substantial upfront costs when installing solar panels for your power needs.

Convert to LED Lighting

LED lighting is the way of the future. It’s a minor change that offers significant bang for your buck. Exchanging your conventional lightbulbs for LED options is a quick, affordable change and one you can’t overlook when lowering your business expenses.

These lightbulbs are 90 percent more efficient than conventional light bulbs, helping you light bathrooms and other office spaces while using less energy. They also last up to 10 years, making them a cost-effective investment for your brand.

Use Natural Light

Windows act as a fantastic option for your office’s design if you want to save on your monthly utility bill. Natural light is good for health and mood, and it allows you to save money on lighting in the office.

You won’t need to use the lights on sunny days or during office hours. Passive solar heating also makes a difference, allowing your HVAC system to enjoy much-needed time off the clock.

Turn Off Equipment

Turning off equipment and computers at the end of a work shift will help your business lower your utility bill. Unplugging and turning off devices is a quick and effective way to reduce energy usage.

To save power, unplug computers, servers, coffee makers, and other appliances when employees are no longer in the office. Place signs in the office to encourage your employees to take the initiative with this power-saving plan.

The strategy effectively counters phantom energy usage. However, these items will still draw power if plugged into electrical outlets in your office.

Consider using power strips to plug in office electronics and accessories. You can flip the switch on the power strips to turn everything down and prevent wasted energy.


Educate Your Employees

Educating your employees will ensure everyone is on the same page to lower the company power bill. Place signs and conduct training sessions to provide insight into the importance of turning off lights and equipment.

Lower Your Company Power Bill Today

Finding ways to save money is essential to keep your small business running, and it starts with energy consumption to lower your company power bill. Solar power is a fantastic way to harness renewable energy and use it to power lights, equipment, and your HVAC system.

Educate your employees on energy-saving techniques and unplug devices before leaving the office. Program your thermostat and use LED lights to save energy and money.

Optimizing your business is essential to increasing your profit margin. Read our Business content for insights and tips on how to save money and improve efficiency today!


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