Reap the benefits of modern-day working methods

The modern-day working methods of remote working or hybrid patterns have brought many benefits to both employees and employers alike. From an employee’s perspective, it has opened up better career prospects with larger or more desirable businesses without having the expense of relocating. Or reducing commuting times to only one or two days a week, therefore providing them with more time to spend with loved ones or not feeling worn out with the sheer amount of travel.


However, the benefits are not just all for the employees. There are some spectacular benefits for the employer as well.

#1 Low business rents

For instance, if your entire office workforce is working remotely then it is likely that you can move to a smaller facility. Or you could expand other areas, such as your manufacturing unit (if you are in the manufacturing industry), without moving to larger premises and paying additional rent.

This works for those employers with hybrid workers. Once you have worked out a rota, you will find that your employee’s desk sharing will also cut down on the amount of office space you require, or it could also mean that you could grow your business and hire additional employees.

#2 Highly trained and qualified personnel

Opting for remote workers for your business will also enlarge the candidate pool. This means that those individuals that carry the right qualifications and training will be able to apply for job roles within your business. In contrast, previously, they may have thought it too far to commute or not be willing to relocate. Having these individuals on board will help propel your business forward while not having to provide them with office space.

#3 Additional cybersecurity measures


Of course, to pull this off and remain secure from cyberattacks or breaches, you are going to need to install the correct software on your system. When dealing with remote and hybrid workers, cybersecurity is a must, and one of the ways in which you can limit the chance of a security breach is to provide your employees with zoned access. With the help of ZTNA or zero trust network access, your employees will only have access to the data and software that they require to complete their daily routines. All traffic will have to pass through a ZTNA solution where it will either be granted access to certain data or blocked and refused access.

#4 Larger geographic expansion possibilities

With employees working remotely, you could find that it helps with your business expansion ambitions – especially if you offer services that include employees attending to customers at their own premises. Or they could be requiring individuals that speak a particular dialect or language.

Placing small units across the country or even across the world will inevitably help your business expand as awareness of your business and the services that you provide grows at each location.

Final thoughts

The modern-day methods of working are nothing to be wary of – in fact, they should be embraced. Employing hybrid and remote workers can encourage your business to grow and become better at what it does without paying out large amounts for business premises to house multitudes of employees. Nor will you be tasked with ensuring that there are enough parking facilities to cater to all of your driving employees.


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