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Refine Your Online Presence And Marketing Strategy

The majority of marketing strategies today are online. Consumers and businesses are now all online. Hence, you want maximum reach to your consumers. It is absolutely necessary to gain information regarding where they spend their time. 

However, when you’re a nurturing business, it seems as though the endlessly-changing digital environment is a tad bit overwhelming. With the ever-growing tasks at hand and numerous responsibilities, how can you create, refine, and preserve a swift marketing strategy?

We have put together a guide to equip you with the knowledge you need to fine-tune your online presence.

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What is a marketing strategy?

It is vital that you understand how a marketing strategy differs from a digital marketing strategy before you put them to test.

A marketing strategy is a specific plan for achieving a market-related goal in a much more focused and organized way. It takes into thinking where your business is doing well at the moment and what you are lacking in regards to the goals you set, making them more achievable.

However, what is the difference between a marketing strategy and marketing tactic? These two terms are often used in the other’s place. 

A strategy is an achievable and concentrated set of steps that enable you to reach a certain goal

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Marketing or not, a strategy consists of three parts:

  1. A prognosis of your challenge
  2. A guidance policy in order to deal with the challenge
  3. A set of focused actions that are of utmost importance to accomplish the policy

Keeping the scale of your business in mind, your strategies for marketing may include some moving parts. Moreover, working with your strategy can become intimidating at times. Hence, you might feel overwhelmed about the strategy; take a look at the three steps in order to keep you grounded about achieving your objectives.

Furthermore, marketing tactics are the precise actions you take throughout the entirety of your strategy in order to achieve your end goal. In simpler words, a strategy is your destination; an achievable plan that will lead you to your goal. Tactics are the calculated steps within your strategy that guide you to your desired output.

Therefor, in order to grasp the very concept of marketing strategy, some of the most basic marketing strategies have been highlighted.

Basic Marketing Strategies

  • Publish a blog
  • Advertisements on social media platforms such ads Facebook, twitter, Instagram
  • Offer education courses free of charge
  • An optimum search engine for your digital content
  • Have a giveaway/contest
  • Survey the market by testing different marketing campaigns to see what suits your audience
  • Conduct webinars
  • Have a podcast
  • Create an email campaign  

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What is a digital marketing strategy?

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A digital marketing strategy aids your business in achieving explicit digital goals through curated online marketing platforms commonly categorized as paid, earned and owned media.

Just like marketing tactics and strategies, digital marketing tactics and strategies differ too. How can we differentiate between them?

What is a digital marketing campaign?

Digital marketing campaign are a specific set of pieces in order to attain the complete picture. It is more concentrated towards your digital goals and aims.

For example, if your goal is to generate more leads via social media then you will benefit from running a campaign on twitter. You will also be likely to share some of your business’s best performing content on twitter in order to obtain more leads via this particular channel.

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Here are some steps to guide you through the culmination of your business’s digital marketing strategy

  • Build buyer personas
  • Highlight your goals and the digital marketing tools you need
  • Examine your existing digital channels and assets at hand
  • Audit/plan your owned media campaigns
  • Audit/plan your earned media campaigns

An instance of a very successful marketing campaign would be that of Red Bull.

Red Bull: media and lifestyle news

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Red bull is now extremely popular amongst the youth for their sponsorship of extreme sports. And not just the energy drink they are out in the market to sell

Their strategy however simple is very effective, instead of generating content related to the energy drink itself. Red Bull now enraptures their audience with articles, videos, blogs, and gifs regarding the latest on goings in the extreme sports community

Furthermore, in the latest of their digital marketing campaigns, Red Bull highlighted that the sale of the energy drink itself is not always the concentrated focus for a content strategy. Rather, it is apparently more valuable to devise a campaign similar to the lifestyles your customers are accustomed to or would like to be associated with.

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Grow better with marketing strategies that strengthen your digital presence

The strategy document to help your business will be very different to your business document in itself. Hence, it is impossible for us to give you the exact idea of a one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategy idea that will be the perfect fit for you.

However, you must not forget that the sole purpose of your strategy document is to plan out the steps you need to take in order to achieve your desired goal over a specific time period. As long as your campaign delivers on that plan then according to us you have nailed the very basics of creating a marketing strategy.

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