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Signs of Clogged Gutters

We all know that our gutters need to be cleaned every so often, there’s no doubt about it, but how often is the question, how do you know when they are clogged, and what is the extent of the damage that can be caused?

Clogged gutters can cause serious damage throughout your home, but most importantly, they can cause water damage to your foundation; that’s why it’s important that you know what signs to look for.

So, keep reading to learn the signs of clogged gutters!

Water Is Spilling Over The Edges Of Your Gutter

If water is spilling over the edges of your gutter, this is a clear sign that your gutter is clogged and needs to be addressed immediately. It is likely the result of a collection of debris such as leaves, sticks, pine needles, and anything else that has built up over time and is now blocking the flow of water.

This can lead to much bigger problems if left unchecked as the debris can grow heavier, causing even more clogs, while water can start to back up and spill out. This can cause water damage to your house, your landscaping, and even your foundation.

Plants Are Growing In Your Gutters

As water becomes trapped in small crevices and gaps in your gutters, it creates the perfect environment for growth to occur. Along with noticing foliage or moss growing in and around your gutters, be sure to check for water pooling up or staining on the siding of your home, as this could be an indication that your gutters are blocked.

A clogged gutter can cause further damage to your home from water damage, freezing, or even the growth of mold and mildew. Don’t leave your gutters blocked; make sure to inspect them regularly and unclog them when necessary.

Water Is Not Coming Down The Downspout

When water is not coming down the downspout, it is usually a sign of clogged gutters. The gutters usually get clogged with debris over time, such as leaves and twigs or dirt and dust, blocking the flow of water. You might also notice a pool of water near the downspout that may be an indication of clogged gutters.

Most of the time, if a downspout is blocked, then all gutters on the roof will be blocked too. So, are gutter guards worth it? Definitely! Homeowners should act quickly to install gutter guards to enable the best protection from Mother Nature.

Your Gutters Are Starting to Sag

Clogged gutters are a big cause of sagging gutters. When the gutter overflows with debris and water, the weight of the water pushes against the sections and attachments of the gutter, compromising its structural integrity.

If left unchecked, the overflow will eventually become such a large burden that the sections come apart, or the gutters can no longer carry the weight of the debris and water and start to sag.

Signs of clogged gutters include obvious visible signs, such as an overflow of leaves and other debris spilling onto the ground and an overflow of water even when the rain has stopped.

Pests Are Hanging Out In and Around Your Gutters

Signs of clogged gutters are an indication of pest activity and should be taken very seriously. Leaves, twigs, and other debris often accumulate in gutters, causing them to become clogged. However, if pests are seen hanging out in or around your gutters, then you may have a more significant problem at hand.

Pest problems typically indicate a blockage and failure of the gutters to do their job. Flies, mosquitoes, moths, and other small bugs might be seen or heard close to or inside the gutter system. Other indicator signs can include mud daubers or wasps that build nests in the gutters, as well as rodents and other animals that have made their habitat on or around your home’s gutter system.

Rust, Paint Damage, and Mold

Clogged gutters can lead to costly damage to the home’s exterior aesthetic and even the interior. The main signs of clogged gutters are rust, paint damage, and mold. Rust begins to form when water is left in the gutters, leading to corroded metal, which weakens and might even compromise the integrity of the gutters.

Paint damage occurs when standing water or debris wears away in paint and leaves stains. Lastly, mold may start to form if standing water or debris remains in the gutters. Identifying and cleaning out clogged gutters is important to prevent potential damage and costly repairs.

Leaks and Floods Inside the Home

Another sign of a clogged gutter or leak inside the home is usually a pooling of water or dampness in or around the window frames, walls, and floors. If the gutter is clogged, then the overflow of water will likely cause the foundation to weaken and deteriorate, leading to potential floods inside the home.

Other signs to watch out for include stains on your ceiling or walls, cracks appearing on the walls or floors, evidence of mold or mildew, and insects and other pests gathering around the window frames or eaves of the home.

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The signs of clogged gutters can be easily identified when it is too late. Regular maintenance can help avoid back-ups and water damage to your home.

Properly maintained gutters will protect your home for years to come. If you have not already done so, call a local gutter expert today for inspection and maintenance. Having gutter maintenance will protect us from clogged gutters.

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