The 4 Best Grammarly Alternatives for Flawless Writing and Creating Text More Clearer

The 4 Best Grammarly Alternatives for Flawless Writing and Creating Text More Clearer

Learning to write is one of the greatest milestones at a person’s early age. In the beginning, it shows how a child is determined to learn a new skill. Later, that skill becomes a tool to develop better thoughts, stronger communication, logical thinking, and express personality, among other things. Writing has rules that writers should obey to take full advantage of it.

Grammar is considered a system of language rules that helps structure oral and written sentences. If sentences are grammatically correct, the text is clearer and easier to understand, and readers can follow the thoughts.

In the digital era, errors in writing can affect many things: reduce chances of better projects and jobs and mislead people to understand you wrongly, which can easily harm your reputation. For that, you should check your text many times. Luckily, some tools can automatically correct mistakes and help with structuring sentences.

The most popular tool for automatically fixing errors is Grammarly. Grammarly has many strong and useful functionalities that help construct sentences better. However, it is not the only tool for these purposes.

This article shows the best Grammarly alternatives to give you more options to select the one that best suits your needs.

1. Linguix


Linguix is a writing assistant that helps correct errors in texts. Linguix analyses text and checks and corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Furthermore, it suggests changing some common and frequently used words; it recommends synonyms and rephrasing paragraphs to improve its style.

While writing, Linguix analyses and understands the context and then offers suggestions to autocomplete sentences. These suggestions appear as a pop-up; you can automatically accept them and notice how your text is improving.

These features make your content more professional and clearer. Also, Linguix has a paraphrasing engine for reconstructing paragraphs and better readability.

Linguix works as a browser and desktop application extension. Also, it integrates with many business tools, offering you constant proofreading help and flawless writing. It has a free pricing plan and two others with more features.

2. Ginger


Ginger is another tool for correct writing. Ginger works as a desktop and mobile application, as well as browser extensions. It corrects grammar mistakes, misspelled words, punctuation, and more. Furthermore, it proofreads text and gives better suggestions.

Ginger has a sentence rephrasing tool that rephrases written sentences and gives smoother and clearer solutions. Also, it shows word synonyms to reduce the frequent use of common words and make the text more eloquent.

Furthermore, Ginger detects common mistakes and offers custom lessons to improve language and writing skills. Its Text-To-Speech feature gives you an option to listen to written text with a native accent. Also, it can translate your text into many languages.

Ginger has a simple frame, but it is not a very user-friendly tool. However, it is a great option for non-native English speakers. It has many pricing plans depending on the features offered.

3. WhiteSmoke


WhiteSmoke is another tool that corrects grammar and spelling and improves writing style. It is available on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. WhiteSmoke has a simple window with clear suggestions to improve your text.

It provides definitions and usage examples of written words. Also, it suggests synonyms that could improve and make your paragraphs clearer. So, it offers a dictionary and thesaurus with thousands of words. WhiteSmoke’s powerful and very useful feature is translating text to and from over 50 languages.

That is why this tool is recommended for writers around the world. WhiteSmoke has three packages without a free pricing plan. But a free trial is enough to see if this tool is right for you.

4. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is another proofreading tool that does what the name says: it helps you to make your writing more professional and flawless. ProWritingAid checks the grammar, punctuation, and structure of sentences.

It offers reports with common mistakes, cliches, or repetitiveness and then shows synonyms and suggestions to change and improve your text. Its analyses and suggestions let you create your own writing style, which helps form your brand and make it strong.

ProWritingAid integrates with other writing tools. Although it has more pricing plans, one is free with a limited list of features.

Final Thoughts

The importance of grammar is shown through these lines. First, error correction can change the trace of thought and make a text clearer. All of these tools help do that. They have similar functionalities but can differ in some cases, such as accuracy and speed.

Linguix is considered the best alternative for Grammarly. Its paraphrasing engine helps construct preferably clear, native, understandable, yet compelling sentences.

Due to its powerful features and low prices, we recommend it as the best grammar error-fixing tool. Linguix has several pricing plans. Its free plan includes its main features but can be extended to other plans at very low prices.

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