The First-Time Tourist’s Guide to Melbourne

The First-Time Tourist’s Guide to Melbourne

After two years of being closed to international visitors, did you know that Melbourne is once again open to travelers from around the world?

While there is a lot to explore throughout Australia, no trip is really complete without first checking out this hipster haven that is known as Melbourne.

Often regarded as one of the most livable places in the world, there is no wonder why so many people from around the world have this city at the top of their bucket list. Whether you are simply passing through Melbourne or planning to have a big holiday here, there is so much to do and see in Australia’s coolest city. So to ensure that you do not waste any time while in this magical place down under, we have crafted the ultimate first-time tourist’s guide to Melbourne.

From the best coffee shops to the hidden alleyways waiting to be discovered, you can have the trip of your life here and memories you will cherish forever. So here is the first-time tourist’s guide to Melbourne, outlining top tips to how to easily navigate the city itself.

First, Store Your Luggage

Before you get exploring, make sure to first book yourself luggage storage in Melbourne. The city is huge, and you do not want the annoyance of having to bring all your bags with you everywhere you go.

Before you even hop on your flight, you can go ahead and reserve a spot in advance. From luggage storage options at the airport to within the city center of Melbourne itself, it will be easy to find a convenient spot.

Plus, your luggage storage comes with automatic content insurance. So that way, you do not have to worry about anything happening to your belongings while you are out having the time of your life in Melbourne.

Next, Drink Coffee

Cup of Coffee on Ground Coffee

Melbourne has one of the world’s best coffee scenes. And we are not exaggerating in the slightest. Melbourne is teeming with so many world-class baristas and cafes it can be hard to decide what ones to visit first. But this is a great problem to have. One of the best places to get your first Australian flat white is at Dukes, which is one of the most beloved local spots in the laneways of Melbourne.

Make sure to also pair this with a croissant from Lune—which is just up the road—to complete the perfect breakfast.

Explore the Laneways

After you have your essentials in you, you should have enough fuel to start exploring. The best place to start is on Hosier Lane, which is the absolute hub of the hipster art scene. Here, you will find vibrant street art that makes for the perfect photo backdrops.

Do not be surprised if you see quite a few Instagram influencers doing their photoshoots here. After you admire the street art, it is time to do some shopping through the laneways as well. Flinders Lane is one of the best to go shopping and splurge on yourself. This is also all the more reason to make sure you do not have luggage with you on this outing.

Eat Your Heart Out

Not only does Melbourne have great coffee, but they equally have an amazing culinary movement. Melbourne has some of the world’s best chefs cooking up a storm, with many serving up their creations on the rooftop restaurants throughout Melbourne’s downtown.

In fact, this is probably where you will find the best food—on top of all the buildings. The rooftop scene is something that is beloved by locals and an experience you need to make sure you find time to enjoy. Once the sun sets too, the rooftops become one of the most vibrant places in the whole city to be.

Head to the Beach

Melbourne Written on a Tropical Beach at Sunset

Not only does Melbourne boast an impressive city landscape, it equally sits right along the water. This means that it is home to some of the most incredible beaches and waterfront views, making Melbourne even more desirable.

The water is mesmerizing, the dolphins are abundant, and the water sports activities are endless. If you are more adventurous, sign up for a kite surfing lesson. It is one of the most popular local activities to do here and always a guaranteed good time.

Just Walk

Melbourne is an extremely walkable city. You do not have to worry about paying for transportation or getting stuck in traffic. Most places in Melbourne’s downtown are easily reached by foot.

Groups of Friends Walking Along the Beach in Melbourne During Sunset

And if you really need to, you can hop on the tramways. Did you know though that if you are within the inner ring of the city, you do not even have to pay to hop aboard?


Overall, there is so much to do and see in Melbourne. So get your bags safely stored and enjoy your days full of drinking amazing coffee and soaking up the Aussie vibes.

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