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The Next Billion-Dollar Companies

Billion Dollar Companies are not founded overnight. They require unimaginable effort, sacrifice, and innovation to make them sustainably successful. Many companies tout the billion-dollar mark as a true success for their startups or businesses. They set the bar extremely high, with very few ever reach it. In this article, we will identify five startups and companies that may become billion-dollar companies in 2020.

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Founders: Julien Lemoine, Nicolas Dessaigne

Current CEO: Bernadette Nixon

Investors: Accel, Alven, SaaStr Fund, Salesforce Ventures


Estimated Annual Revenue 2019: $184 million

About the Company

Algolia is one of the most famous search-box optimizers for many leading companies’ websites. Algolia’s search-box software caters to almost 9000 different companies. These include the likes of Under Armour, Twitch, and Coursera. The San-Francisco based startup isn’t stopping here, however. With the aim of continuous improvement, they plan on taking their software a step further. They will now personalize websites to each user and provide analytics with regards to each search and where it leads to. Hence, this would not only help improve user experience but will also allow sellers to optimize their websites according to user behavior measured.

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Founders: Jason Boehmig, Cai GoGwilt

CEO: Jason Boehmig

Investors: Accel, Sequoia, Y Combinator

Annual Revenue 2019: $84 million

About the Company

Ironclad co-founders Jason Boehmig, left, and Cai GoGwilt.
Ironclad co-founders Jason Boehmig, left, and Cai GoGwilt. Image by CNBC

Ironclad’s current CEO Jason Boehmig claimed: “Contracts are the atomic unit of business, but they’re slow, inefficient and uninteresting to make”. Hence, that is where the company’s role comes in.  The start-up helps businesses with all their contractual needs. This includes drafting, processing, referencing, editing, and sharing contracts easily. Jason Boehmig is the perfect person to be leading the company, with experiences as an investment banker and corporate lawyer. Their well-known clients include MasterCard, Reddit, and Staples. Their team of legal engineers caters to the personalized legal requirements of every client. Therefore, this makes Ironclad’s unique idea all the more successful.

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Founders: Brynn Putnam

Current CEO: Brynn Putnam

Investors: Lerer Hippeau, Point72 Ventures, Spark Capital

Annual Revenue 2019: $72 million

About the Company


As per their website, the product “isn’t just a mirror. It’s a cardio class, it’s a yoga studio, it’s a boxing ring, it’s your new personal trainer, and it’s so much more”. Providing personalized workouts through the professional instructors, the Mirror acts as an all-in-one home gym companion. With a cost of $1495, each mirror comes with additional accessories. When switched off, it acts as a full-length mirror. However, when switched on, it can be your workout companion and guide. Founded in 2018, the company could well see a surge in sales as a global lockdown is implemented and people are forced to stay at home.

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Trusted Health

Founders: Lennie Sliwinski, Matt Pierce

Current CEO: Lennie Sliwinski

Investors: Craft Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Founder Collective

Annual Revenue 2019: $25 million

About the Company

trusted health

Trusted health is helping fulfill a dire need in the healthcare industry. It provides nurses and hospitals with a platform to match. Hospitals in need of nurses can use the platform to hire them. This incredible idea helped many nurses gain employment and many hospitals fulfill needs. However, the current global pandemic has seen a surge in demand for healthcare workers. This has led to Trusted Health’s business booming more than usual. Moreover, adapting to the current scenario, Trusted Health plans on diversifying its model to include other health workers like doctors as well. Therefore, this service could prove extremely useful in these troubling times, making it one of the best potential billion-dollar companies.


Founders: Conrad Irwin, Vivek Sodera, Rahul Vohra

Current CEO: Rahul Vohra

Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, First Round

Annual Revenue 2019: $51 million

About the Company

The Superhuman e-mail app is beloved in Silicon Valley for how it helps users manage their inboxes across devices. 

Superhuman gives users the perfect email experience, optimizing and speeding it up. It comes with advanced features like “A.I. Triage. Undo Send, Insights from social networks, Follow-up Reminders, Scheduled Messages, and Read Statuses. to name but a few”. Moreover, Charging $30 a month, it serves Gmail and iPhone users alike. Two of the founders, Conrad and Rahul, actually sold another one of their startups, Rapportive, to LinkedIn in 2012. A great, innovative experience overall.

Which startups or companies do you think will reach the billion dollar status? Let us know in the comments below!

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