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Top 5 AI Companies and Startups to watch out for in 2020

Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI has taken over the world by storm. If you are unaware of what artificial intelligence is, it basically refers to machine intelligence or intelligence demonstrated by machines. Elon Musk claims that AI is the future of the world, and it will overtake humans in less than 5 years. This is probably why he has an entire company called OpenAI based around it.

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AI is already revolutionizing industry whether we like it or not. If you look at the stock market in recent years, artificial intelligence stocks have had a massive rise. With AI gaining rapid popularity, certain AI startups have been making waves in 2020. Let’s take a look at these leading artificial intelligence companies and see what they have been working on. Trust me when I say it, by the end of this article you will be thoroughly fascinated with the world of AI.


VIZ.AI has to be one of the most promising and important AI startups in 2020. Viz enables physicians to identify anomalies in brain scans with the help of machine learning. The company makes the use of advanced deep learning to send time-sensitive information about stroke patients straight to a specialist who can take over and treat. It uses deep learning algorithms to identify a suspected large vessel occlusion, a particularly disabling type of stroke, in a CT scan and alerts the stroke team specialist in just a few minutes.
Images from Viz’s smartphone app that can alert a specialist that a patient’s brain shows evidence of stroke. VIZ.AI

Viz strives to improve the distribution of healthcare in the world, through the use of AI that promises to reduce time to treatment and improve access to care.

2. Clari

Clari is a connected platform for revenue operations that uses AI and automation to provide forecasting services and sales analysis to companies. It taps into and extracts all data stored in business systems like CRM tools, marketing automation services, calendar, email, content management solutions, and more.

Clari enables businesses to be more connected, efficient, and informed. Currently, hundreds of marketing, sales, and customer success teams are using the platform.


WINT is one of the top AI companies that has made headlines in 2020. The startup uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and stop leakage right at the source. It alerts you when water is leaking and then stops it automatically. The program’s intelligent real-life monitoring identifies the source from where the water is leaking. Hence, it reduces water consumption and prevents water damage.


4. Covariant

Covariant is a really amazing artificial intelligence company that has grown quite popular in 2020. Led by Peter Chen, Covariant provides artificial intelligence software that allows robots to see, reason and act autonomously in logistics and manufacturing environments.


The startup’s Covariant Brain software provides logistics robots with “universal AI,”. This provides them with features like 3D perception and real-time motion planning. The company says it has live deployments at facilities in North America and Europe for apparel, pharmaceutical and electronics companies.

5. Kasisto

Kasisto enables financial institutions to facilitate and acquire customers through human-like, intelligent conversations at any given moment and place. Kasisto’s Digital Experience platform, KAI, powers omnichannel virtual assistants and chatbots who are well versed in banking across mobile apps, websites, messaging platforms, and voice-enabled devices.

Kasisto has a wide customer base that includes big and popular names like J.P. Morgan, Mastercard, TD Bank, Standard Chartered, DBS Bank, and Manulife Bank among others. The platform is engaging with millions of consumers around the world, across multiple channels, in different languages, and is optimized for performance, scalability, security, and compliance.


Source: Przemek Chojecki

Above were the top 5 AI companies and startups to watch out for in 2020. The artificial intelligence industry is a wide and dynamic one. For a more detailed comprehensive list, you can check out CB Insights of top AI companies. The AI 100 is CB Insights’ annual ranking of the 100 most promising AI startups in the world.

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