Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Perform an Employee Background Check

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Perform an Employee Background Check

Nearly 87% of businesses use an employee background check before hiring someone. For many organizations, it is part of the onboarding process, but for small businesses, it is up to the owner.

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If you are wondering whether a background check is worth the time, money, and trouble, then you may want to weigh the benefits.

Read on for the top 5 reasons most companies choose a background check for potential employees.

  1. Reduce Employee Turnover

Hiring someone to fill a role in your company is often necessary to keep operations running smoothly. So, the longer you have an open position the less efficient your business will be.

If a position is constantly being left vacant due to high turnover you may want to consider a background check. This will help you find a reliable person that plans to stay in the position long-term.

Background checks also so your employees that the position should be taken seriously.

  1. Protect Staff and Company Assets

There are many reasons that you may not want someone to work for you. They may have been accused or charged with a crime that affects your staff’s safety or your business’s finances.

For employee safety and to ensure the candidate isn’t planning to steal from you, conduct a background check on all applicants. Some reports include a criminal record and an ID verification process. These types of reports let you know the moral character of the person you hope to hire.

  1. Ensure Qualifications

Use a background check instead of calling past employers and universities. This helps you prevent fraud and false information on candidate resumes. You can confirm degrees, certificates, and work history simply by verifying this data.

A background report shows you which candidates are telling the truth about their qualifications. For example, someone may say that they have a degree, however, background-checks reveal that they only took a course in the subject.

  1. Fulfill Legal Requirements

There may be a legal obligation to conduct background checks on your new hires. For instance, when working with children or handling sensitive data, people need to pass a background check.

Not only does this avoid lawsuits, but it can protect your business reputation toward your clients and customers.

  1. Find the Right Talent

A great way to improve hire quality rates is to screen your talent pool. If applicants know that you conduct background checks then only qualified candidates will apply. This helps weed out people who can’t pass the minimum requirements, making the hiring process faster and more reliable.

Choosing the Right Employment Background Check


There are several types of employment background check reports, from criminal histories to credit scores. Knowing which ones you need will save you from paying for something you won’t use. The type of report may also be job specific or regionally necessary according to state laws.

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