Top 5 Tools for Your MarTech Stack in 2022: Enhance Your Marketing Activities

Top 5 Tools for Your MarTech Stack in 2022: Enhance Your Marketing Activities

MarTech Stack, a marketing technology platform, is a set of tools that digital marketers employ to improve and successfully conduct marketing operations across several channels. Businesses and organizations use this information to evaluate consumer information and project success, expedite internal communication, and interact with their customer base.

When it relates to the MarTech stack, there is no such thing as “the appropriate size.” It differs from industry to industry and is heavily influenced by sales volume and goals.

A solid stack has the benefit of strategically arranging your digital advertising products in the most effective way feasible. It aids in streamlining interaction, saving time and money, and enabling more efficient utilization of resources.

Every technology you add to that stack should complement the others so that your branding, sales, accounting, and other departments are still on the same level.

We compiled a list of tools that we found interesting, fascinating, or that made us highly amazed.

1. Encharge


Encharge is a solution that allows you to manage client data from your applications and use it to generate customized email journeys related to relevant and behavioral information. It is a solution with excellent customer support, a simple visual path creator, and a payment scheme appropriate for rapid organizations requiring big data.

The tool may be used to qualify leads and create hyper-customizable events for Segment and Mixpanel to help your marketing efforts.

Trial period: Yes

Free plan: There is no need to provide a credit card at the time of signup.

Pricing is subscription-based and begins at $49 per month.

2. Landbot


Landbot is essentially a no-code chat generator that enables non-technical users to develop principle and even NLP-based chat helpers for the internet, Facebook, WhatsApp, and any other communication or native app that uses API.

When building a web conversation, you can quickly distribute it in four distinct formats: standard web chat sidebar in the side, pop-up, website embedding, and stand-alone homepage.

Landbot’s most potent applications, due to his adaptability, are direct marketing and interaction. Because the discussions are easy to establish, maintain, and observe, the system gives marketers unprecedented freedom to explore with real-time interactions.

Trial period: Yes

Free plan: Yes

3. Webflow


Webflow web designer provides front-end programming versatility despite comparable features without needing you to program physically. There is a learning experience, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to construct sites and landing webpages as if you can script.

However, integrating CMS with the designer takes this tool to a whole new level. You may use the CMS to construct groupings, which are essentially customizable kinds. Each category is composed of fields (for example, title, text files, time, photos, hues, and sometimes even Rich Text) and may be linked to the Webflos Designer. As a result, you may utilize this library to submit and distribute countless articles or items simultaneously.

When it comes to web development, Webflow will be the next wave. It doesn’t restrict what you can accomplish; it simply makes it quicker – and easier to grasp for marketers who don’t have technical expertise.

Trial period: No

Free plan: Yes

Signup requires a credit card: No

Account-based pricing (starts at $16/month); site-based pricing (starts at $12/month ($29 for eCommerce).

4. Airtable


In a nutshell, Airtable combines the finest of sheet and database functionality into a single fantastic cloud-based application. The tool may store information in a visually appealing and simple-to-use spreadsheet format while simultaneously acting as a database for Sales, tasks or CRM, planning and scheduling, inventory control, and other purposes.

Aside from the standard spreadsheet functions, you can also include photographs, labels, and star reviews to the cells; construct linkages between multiple tables, see data from other tables; and even develop your applications without programming by utilizing the Blocks feature.

Free trial: Yes

Free plan: Yes

No credit card is required at the time of registering.

Pricing begins at $10 per month.

5. Salesforce


Managing client interactions well is critical to developing your business, especially given that customer experience appears to be eclipsing the greatest value of all – cost. Upselling, cross-selling, and reselling to current customers is difficult because pricing and even product quality are no longer the primary reasons people remain with brands.

The connection is important, and Salesforce is the vehicle for managing it. One of the most configurable CRMs on the market and possessing a few decades of expertise on their side. So, whether you’re a tiny or mid-sized business or a giant corporation, Salesforce has worked with a comparable use case previously and has an answer up its digital hand.

Active marketing, lead management, sales statistics, and even partnership management are all included in the platform. It also features an interesting visual approach that allows you to click and drag offers, coupons, and costs. There are also a plethora of optional modules to pick from.

Free trial: Yes

Free plan: No

Signup requires a credit card: No

Pricing begins at $25 per month.


Well, here’s our selection of advertising technology solutions that we feel will benefit your MarTech stack in 2022. However, we sincerely hope that our pick will assist you in narrowing down your options.

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