Top Five Online Tutoring Platforms of 2022

Top Five Online Tutoring Platforms of 2022

We are well aware that online tutoring has become the new norm of 2022. A multitude of options has opened up for students and teachers during the pandemic.

With the education industry reaching new heights every day, the online system is here to stay. There are no more physical limitations to education – you can do courses offered by Harvard from the comfort of your home.

There are a lot of benefits of online tuition, including flexible schedules, accessible education, and individual attention. Moreover, some platforms are offering specialized programs and courses to help students transition to colleges and successfully pass SAT exams.

Additionally, the demand for online language tutors has surged, providing opportunities for educators to teach languages remotely and assist students in achieving fluency and proficiency in various languages.

Online Tutoring Platforms

The sudden demand for online platforms has cluttered the industry, and it is difficult to choose the right option. They have varying services, mentorship opportunities, and price rates.

The list below will give you an idea about which one is the right choice for you.

1. Tutorsbee


An online tutoring platform that provides tutoring services for elementary to high school students. They offer professionally trained tutors with free trial sessions until you find the right choice for yourself.

Tutorsbee is also offering SAT courses along with fast-track courses for college readiness. The tutors are thoroughly tested to judge their capabilities before they are officially registered with Tutorsbee.

The price rate is affordable, with 12 Tuition hours per month at $125. The schedule can be flexible, and you can choose between a complete course or just specific subjects.

The platform is definitely a good choice if you are looking for help in different subjects separately and need international tutors. It provides cohesive pathways to increase your knowledge for higher education. The website is extremely user-friendly, so there is no technological hassle!

2. Skooli


Skooli has tutors from all over the world for all levels till college. They deal with science and humanities courses with a very easy-to-use interface.

You can ask questions and instantly get connected with a licensed tutor any time of the day! They do not offer any specialized courses or fast track programs, but they charge hourly, not monthly – so that is a plus. Their rate is 0.82/min as your session progresses.

The good news with Skooli is that they have tutors for four languages which are Chinese, French, Spanish, and even non-native English speakers. This is a great online tutoring platform to find the right tutor to polish your linguistic skills.

3. TutorMe


TutorMe would be the #1 platform for GRE and ACT tests. They have tutors from Yale, Berkeley, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, and the University of South California.

The platform also offers tutoring for 300 plus subjects, although they require payment details even for free trials. Their pricing ranges from $69 to $219 monthly, starting from 2 hours and going until 8 hours.

TutorsMe is a great place for students who have sufficient budget to invest in tutoring. They offer digital classes with private on-demand tutors.

The specific courses can guide the students to focus on their weaknesses and get guaranteed scores. However, this platform does not let you choose your tutor because the system pairs you with a suitable match.

4. Preply


Preply is one of the many online tutoring platforms dedicated to teaching new languages with over 500 plus tutors. It guarantees a 100% success rate to students and a full refund if not satisfied by the tutor, or the amount will be substituted with another session.

Preply offers more than 30 languages with private tutor sessions according to your schedule. This platform is a must for anyone who is trying to improve their linguistic abilities.

Preply makes you fluent in your chosen language according to the hourly package of your choice. It has an easy-to-use platform that you can navigate through and even instantly report issues.

5. Wyzant


Wyzant has been in the market for a decade now. It is established in Chicago and has more than 100 tutors with 300+ subjects, including math learning online. Wyzant covers the first hour of your lesson if you are not satisfied with your tutor.

You can also make your own schedule, pick your tutor and even chat with them! The few cons of such an experienced system can be a delayed response due to a lot of traffic and their fluctuating rates.

They do not have any fixed per-minute rate and their tutors have varying levels of qualifications so be vigilant while choosing yours!

In Conclusion

Whenever finding the right option from a pool of online tutoring platforms for your educational requirements, always look for the following features:

  • Qualifications of your tutor
  • Pricing
  • User experience of the website
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Individual one on one sessions OR fast track courses
  • Success rate and refunds in case of an unsuitable tutor

These features are easily available on all websites; compare, contrast, and decide! Let’s hope we all find suitable platforms for our future endeavors.

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