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Types of US Visas: Everything You Need to Know

What if you could go anywhere in the world? Every year, hundreds of thousands of people petition for US immigration visas.

Have you ever wondered about the various types of US visas? While there are many visas, many people dream of moving to the USA. And for a good reason, too. This country has a proud and rich history, delicious food, and fantastic scenery.

Read on to find out which visas you qualify for and how to apply. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about US visas.

Tourist Visa


An entry permit allows someone to visit a US state for vacation or leisure. Generally, it’s a B-2 tourist visa issued for persons wishing to travel to the United States. The pass grants the holder permission to stay in the United States for up to six months, with the possibility of extensions granted on a case-by-case basis.

To obtain a B-2 visa, an applicant must demonstrate that they plan to stay in the US temporarily; for reasons such as holidays, tourism, visiting friends and family, medical treatment, or a combination of these.

The US government will also consider the individual’s personal and financial circumstances, allowing for a more secure entry into their state.

Immigration and Naturalization Visas

Immigrant visas allow those provided permission to remain in the country permanently, with the eventual goal of becoming US citizens. Non-immigrant visas are for those who plan to stay in the United States temporarily.

Employers may apply for visas on behalf of alien workers in several categories, such as investors, religious workers, temporary workers, and more. Nonimmigrants can also obtain nonwork-related permits, such as those for study or short visits.

All visa applications include a review of the applicant’s background and their relationship with the U.S. Ultimately, it is up to the discretion of the US Department of State to determine eligibility for a particular visa.

Student Visas

This authorizes an individual to enter and remain within the US to pursue a course of study at an accredited college, university, or other educational institution.

To be approved for a student visa, applicants must prove that they can cover their tuition fees and living expenses for their stay and verify the legitimacy of their course of study.

A student applying for a US visa must be accepted into a full-time course of study and demonstrate sufficient English language skills for academia.

Upon receiving the key, students can often work part-time and have travel restrictions removed from their tickets.

Business or Work Visas

Work visa

These visas are typically offered to foreign nationals who wish to pursue projects or activities in the United States. The type of work or business visa required will depend on the applicant’s needs, such as the length and purpose of their stay.

For those seeking to establish a business in the US, EB-5 visas are also available. This visa grants permanent residency to those who invest a specified amount of capital in a new business in the US.

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Understanding the Types of US Visas

The US offers a variety of visas for different purposes. Each type of visa has its requirements and application process. Understanding the different types of US visas will help you determine which is suitable for your stay and make applying for a visa much more accessible.

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