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With Visme you can create beautiful content like a pro, even if you are a non-designer. We discovered Visme and fell in love with the platform instantly. A lot of us have always wanted designing to be easier and simpler. We have had the desire to create compelling visual content for various reasons. Well, guess what, that is exactly what Visme allows you to do! It is one of the most effective startup tools and resources to have.

visme experience

Recently, we had a quick chat with the company’s founder Payman. We gained a detailed insight into the platform and decided to share it with our audience. So let’s dive into what Visme is and its particulars.

What is Visme

In the words of the company’s founder Payman who we had a chance to chat with, “think of Visme as Powerpoint marrying a design tool (such as Canva), it’s intuitive and easy-to-use but also packed with some power. Best of both worlds”.


Visme has been in development for over 7 years and undergone continual upgrades and refinements. It is created to be versatile easy but yet powerful and used by content creators from all walks of life. Visme is an all-in-one content creation tool that allows users to create good looking visuals in the form of engaging presentations, infographics, documents, videos, and graphics. It does not matter if you are a designer or not. Visme combines simplicity, flexibility, and interactive features within a single platform, giving users everything they need within an easy-to-use online interface.

That is what the founder of the company aims for. Payman Taei is on a mission to empower the world to communicate visually. One of the reasons why he came up with the idea of Visme. Get on it now, and create your content right in your browser and use it online or offline.

Visme Review

The people at Visme were kind enough to provide me access to the premium version of the account. Though the premium version has a lot of additional amazing features, the free version as a standalone is phenomenal as well.

Although tools like PowerPoint, Canva, Prezi, etc exist, I found Visme to be the only tool that allows you to create various forms of content as simple graphics but with series of interactive features to bring static content to live such as:

visme features
  • Ability to animate any object and assign actions
  • Add video or audio 
  • Embed content from third parties
  • Set your own templates and brand guidelines
  • Ability to track traffic and engagement of your content (full analytics)
  • Create your own library of slides and content and media library. 
  • Team Collaboration with comments and markup edits

I found the tool to be a much better alternative to PowerPoint. However, my favorite part of the platform is its infographics and social media graphics. They were very simple to use and easy to edit. I had an amazing visual ready in no time!

Visme Unleashed

After a year and a half, the platform rolled out its biggest release to do—bringing new features to the platform that are not yet seen within any other tool. Now users can take advantage of new features and assets to take their content to another level, such as: 

  • Over 500+ customizable animated illustrations, characters and gestures created by our expert design team to help your content stand out.
  • An expanded offering of project export formats to include editable Powerpoint export and the much sought after GIF and video!
  • Thousands of HD-quality videos and audio clips to help you jumpstart your video content creation.
  • Three massive presentation themes, Simple & Creative, each with over 325 slides across 20 categories.
  • Magic style tools to apply existing styles to other objects.
  • Upload vector graphics (SVGs)  and use in your projects (In addition to JPG, PNG and animated GIF’s) 
  • Collaborate on content and graphics within a team with annotated comments and notifications to improve content creation and editing workflow with your teammates.
visme flowchart

Additionally, the platform has given the editor interface a fresh new look based on collecting thousands of user feedback to improve the entire content creation experience and workflow. Overall editor performance also has been made faster and stronger to boost load times to help you create appealing content in minutes. 

How much does Visme Cost

Visme Pricing structure is very feasible for the general audience. Its yearly plans start from just $25/month, and $75/month for a 3 member team. The value the platform provides against these prices is immense.

If you are unaware of what Visme is, then you should really give this platform a try. I did and I loved it!

Sarim Siddiqui
Sarim Siddiqui

Sarim is the founder of PACE enterprises currently comprised of two divisions, PACE events and PACE Business. He is a certified Digital Marketer and works as a Digital Consultant, Content Strategist, and Search Engine Optimization specialist.
He is passionate about educating on business and startups, as well as helping small businesses achieve their digital goals.
You can find him on Instagram @sarim112 or LinkedIn, or reach out to him at

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