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Why 2021 is the Best Year for Your Business to Takeoff

2021 is around the corner and 2020 is leaving us in what can only be deemed as “Tumultuous Times”. 2020 has taught us that many things are out of our control and we can do very little about it. However, all the things that went wrong in this year aside, there have also been some silver linings. Now, more than ever, we are able to understand what works for us and what doesn’t. Moreover, we have time to contribute towards things that we are actually passionate about. We pondered upon things that we can exercise control over.

Times like these are ones where leadership cultivates and a new wave of leaders emerge out of such times. Previously, the first Hyatt opened in 1957 recession. Moreover, Bill Gates founded Microsoft during the 1973 oil embargo recession. Furthermore, in the great recession of 2007 companies like uber and Airbnb came into existence.

In times like these second guessing oneself is completely natural. However, we have three reasons for you to trust your entrepreneurial instincts and go for it in 2021.

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Online Content and its Consumption is at an All Time High

The pandemic has played its part to the fullest in minimizing the human touch to the maximum. More and more people are seeking alternatives to their problems and have turned to the world wide web. It is now easier and more accessible than ever to begin your business from the comforts of your home. Work such as being a virtual assistant, e-commerce, freelancing, designing and developing have taken the online world by a storm.

Moreover e-commerce is now at a record high by spiking at 40% during COVID-19 and its aftermath.

If one hones in on the trends of consumption that have peaked during this pandemic then it is easier to pinpoint what is the current need in the market. Considering, most of us are living through the same pandemic in similar circumstances. Chances are that the solutions you want are the solutions that your target audience are looking for as well. This enables you to meet the market demand for your product and its standing in the current market.

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2021 Can be the Year You Spin Your Passion Into a Viable Business

When 2020 started most of us were extremely critical of being stuck in our homes. However, this gave most of us the chance to finally work on things that we are passionate about. This mainly involved spending more time on our hobbies such as the likes of cooking, writing, speaking and creating in ways’ that can be capitalized upon.

Being human, there is always a shred of doubt when it comes to perfecting our unique genius. That is no longer the case, this article is a sign that the shred of doubt you feel for capitalizing on your idea is in fact a good idea, it just needs to be finetuned.

Since all forms of work are now done virtually, you can spend time perfecting your marketable skills. We have been taught since we were in elementary school that we have to do things in a certain way and all our life we have followed this idea of who, this society wants us to be, not anymore. Whilst this pandemic has brought despair and redefined the way the corporate world works, it might just work out in your favor.

Small businesses continue to thrive in these times when major corporations are struggling to stay afloat. You save cost by starting with you and then eventually growing into something much bigger than yourself.

After all, some people may be good at your talents or able to learn them quickly, they may not necessarily enjoy it. When you enjoy it, your passion and energy shines through your work. Work becomes effortless and enjoyable when you’re living in true alignment with your soul and heart’s desires.

The Recession Can Help You Expand Your Workforce

2020 led to millions of people losing their jobs after being laid of by major corporations. 2021 might not be any different if the COVID vaccine continues to not give the required result. This might sound grim but this can work in your favor.

Experienced people are looking for jobs in order to sustain themselves. If these people decide upon not opening their own companies they will be open to working for other small companies like yours.

Not only will you be helping those in need but you will also be uplifting the economies. Since small businesses are a major benefactor for the economy in such time and we all need to play our part. By creating jobs you are valuing experience and expertise of those who matter and are essential to a workforce but were laid off due to companies going bankrupt left and right.

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If you are hesitant to this day about starting your own business during this time then instead of looking for reasons why it won’t work – look for reasons why it will. What you decide to focus on and dedicate your energy to, will work.

The world of online business is the new normal, and many successful leaders, businesses, and companies are creating during times of turmoil and possibly yours now, in 2021.

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Zubaida Gohar
Zubaida Gohar

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