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The Importance of LinkedIn for Business

In an increasingly virtual world, the importance of LinkedIn for business can not be overlooked. Social media offers us various opportunities to grow and market our business. Unfortunately, many of us fail to take full advantage of this. While most platforms offer a casual environment to interact with others, LinkedIn is a more professional one. Most people may use it for job-hunting and maintaining their professional online presence, but many businesses are also using it for lead generation and marketing. Whilst marketing may be common to other social media platforms as well, LinkedIn stands alone in its uses for lead generation and other professional uses. However, to use LinkedIn’s special features, you will need a Premium Business account to unlock all features. In this article, we will outline a few reasons to indicate the importance of LinkedIn for Business.

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Lead Generation

This tool can be very useful for salespeople. If used properly, it can lead to much higher sales because of the greater reach by the salesforce. With a plethora of professionals and businesses just a click away, you can use the platform to reach out to millions. However, LinkedIn will detect if you are trying to conduct business through a standard account and will suggest a premium one for optimal usage. This will unlock features such as unlimited searches and business tools.

Lead Gen is a marketing solution on LinkedIn that allows businesses to gather high-quality leads from their ads on LinkedIn. This makes the lead generation process much simpler for prospective customers and salespeople. It helps you create campaigns and manage all your leads in one place. You can monitor these campaigns through LinkedIn’s analytics and track your progress. This tool has proven very successful for digital marketeers and channel managers.

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Vetting prospective Employees and hiring

This may be the most obvious use of LinkedIn’s wide database of professionals. Through LinkedIn, you can vet potential employees, see their interests, experiences, and so on. This will allow you to get a head start in the recruitment process. This will also allow your business to search for prospective employees they may need, rather than resorting to newspaper ads and recruitment drives. The process will be much quicker and more direct through LinkedIn.

Moreover, employees can also reach out to you if you post job openings, allowing a two-way communication channel to develop. You should also encourage your employees to connect with you on LinkedIn, adding their designations, etc. This will increase your reach by allowing other people to view your company’s page through your employees’ profiles.

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Marketing through LinkedIn

LinkedIn for business allows various marketing and advertising tools to be used to promote your business. It gives you worldwide reach over people and businesses and you must take advantage.

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LinkedIn Ads offer one such opportunity. LinkedIn allows people to display their interests, qualifications, and life experiences. This gives you a huge opportunity to specify your target market and focus your marketing content on them. LinkedIn Ads offer you just that. The site allows you to advertise your content through Sponsored Ads, Text Ads, and Sponsored InMails. Sponsored Ads are sponsored by an external source, while Text Ads are pay-per-click ads appearing on your page. Sponsored InMail is a lot like email marketing, allowing you to send personalized messages to members of your target market. If used right, these tools can be very useful in developing a strong and focused marketing strategy. This will also allow you to increase brand awareness and reach.

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Connecting with other Businesses through LinkedIn


LinkedIn has a userbase consisting of many businesses. This can allow you to increase your business connections and engage in B2B marketing and selling as well. LinkedIn Groups can be a great deal of help in this regard, as they connect you to other like-minded people and businesses. Expand your network and promote your brand while you are at it.

LinkedIn is a tool people rarely take advantage of. If done right, LinkedIn for Business can prove to be very fruitful through Ads, lead generations, and so on. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers a more focused consumer-base allowing for specific, implementable strategies. Make the most of these tools to optimize your Business’ operations!

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